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Surprising history of the modern laptop

Laptops have become a favorite to many people due to their flexibility toppled with compact computing. Unlike bulky desktops, they are very lightweight and...

Do you really need a new laptop?

New versus old is often a bone of contention when it comes to gadgets such as laptops. While each category has its own user...

7 Things To Do When You Get A New Laptop

Once you buy your new laptop, there are some first standard procedures that ought to be followed before you start using it for your...
buying used laptops

Pros and cons of buying a used laptop

Used devices especially laptops have become popular in the market. Some are often refurbished while others come in the same exact condition they were...
Best 17 Inch Laptop 2017

Best 17 inch Laptop 2018-The Ultimate 10 Machines

Are you looking for  the best 17 inch laptop? Well we understand how taunting it can be to find exactly what you are looking for...
best gaming chair

Best Gaming Chair Buying Guide 2018

Did you know that with the best gaming chair your gaming can be enhanced? Unlike other forms of chairs, gaming chairs are uniquely designed to...
best hiking backpack

Best Hiking Backpack For Men and Women 2018

An adventurous hike only happens if everything is in the right shape and size. You need the best hiking backpack, best hiking shoes, best...

Cryptocurrencies: the Good, Bad and Ugly

Flat currencies are a plenty and when it comes to the virtual world we need something that nears the cybernetics concept. Liquid cash and...
domain name

How to choose the most suitable Domain Name for a blog or website

Naming is one way of brand identification that sets any business, company, website or blog apart from the rest. Since the World Wide Web...