7 Things To Do When You Get A New Laptop

New Laptop

Once you buy your new laptop, there are some first standard procedures that ought to be followed before you start using it for your day to day tech needs.

The mistake that most of us make is buying a new laptop and immediately commence work on it. We forget that everything in it is still on factory mode and will remain that way unless we make some changes.

things to do when you get a new laptopThese things were chosen by order of merit and importance, of course, there could be close to 20 things you should do to a new laptop but these 7 are top choice and will save you a lot of hustle in the long run. These things will make your new gadget more personal, secure and safe.

Buying it new and not applying its proper start channels may cause its hardware and software to break down faster than it should.  That said, we shall now have an in depth look at these 7 things things to do when you get a new laptop:

Check its hardware and software

This first point applies to all online shoppers who depend on deliveries and shipments in order to receive their purchased items. At first contact after unboxing your new laptop you need to confirm that everything you saw and heard about the laptop’s physical and technical attributes is in its intact form.

If there is a manual, then your work is much easier. With its help you can check its hardware lest some damage occurred to it while it was being shipped. Check its screen, keypad, communication ports, dvd/cd drive,battery/charger condition and so on.

Once you are certain that everything is okay, you can now follow the start options provided in the manual. Even if you have ever handled such a laptop make before, you need not rush into powering it out of your previous understanding since each laptop, in as much as they may fall under the same series is unique in build and operation.

The factory mode programmed software such as Operating System should be able to power the computer and load its contents at one go.

Run windows updates on your windows 10 computer

After launching your PC, the very first thing to do is run your windows update in which case we are assuming it’s a windows 10 computer. Microsoft has a big change running on all its current operating systems, the forced

Windows updates requires that the OS be updated regularly, users must not miss out on any of its updates. The anniversary update is the latest big update that was rolled out and as a new laptop owner please ensure that you update your windows so as to enjoy its offers.

Install an Anti-theft software for your new laptop

Laptop theft is rampant and predominant in areas where public security is a matter of question. If you know you live in an area where you are likely to lose your new laptop to thieves then it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are many Anti-theft software available which will help track and locate your computers whereabouts if lost. Some anti-theft software can be programmed to the capability of barring any operation on a stolen laptop computer. The thief may end up having the laptop but it will be useless sine no operation can take place in it.

Sort out your anti-virus

Have everything running on windows security center and while you do this install a genuine copy of anti-virus software for the sake of your new laptop’s protection.

Install other software and programs

After installing the relevant system software you can also install the various application software of your choice. Be careful not to fill your computer’s memory with junk software that you are less likely to use.

Application software installation is a systematic process and you can install just enough for a start and continuing installing the remaining software when the need arises.

Work on your web browser options

Web browsers will help you access the internet from your new laptop. Microsoft has replaced its old internet explorer versions with the new Microsoft Edge. You can set it as your default web browser and if you prefer another type, there are plenty to choose from.

These other browsers need to be downloaded or installed and while you do this, ensure that you are downloading their latest versions. Some good web browser options include, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera Neon and Mozilla Firefox.

Set up all your user accounts and parental controls

A new laptop is open to use by one person or a group of persons (users). While there is no limit to how many people who can access the laptop you need to set up user accounts and parental controls which will act as directives for new users.

You can create a private personal account and create a unique password that will enable you alone to access whatever is stored in that account.

Other accounts can be left public and accessible to other users that’s if no sensitive information is stored there. Parental controls will keep your children safe while using the laptop again they are also crucial in situations where a not so computer literate user logs on to your windows PC.

These parental controls will allow access to simple programs and applications and keep complex ones out of access.


Now that you are the proud owner of a new laptop, you need to ensure that it delivers the intended output for the longest period. You have to get familiar with its standard and functional operation and while you do so you can also customize it to suit your user preferences.

These 7 steps are very important and should be followed by any new laptop owner for the sake of enhancing the machines output in as far as computing is concerned.

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