ASUS ROG gl551jw-ds71 Review

You can all agree with me that gaming laptops is the laptop category on the rise. ASUS ROG gl551jw-ds71  is one of the laptops we will suggest to our readers who love gaming.

If you compare the old laptop properties to the modern ones you’ll notice a big difference in elements such as processor speeds, space capacity, weight and operating systems. Gaming enthusiasts are into a different level, gone are the days when basic games such as baccarat and minesweeper were the only ones you could play from your PC.

Today, you can play more complex and high graphic games on your laptop, thanks to the gaming technology.

Best  gaming laptops have the ability to multitask as you can also enjoy high performance attributes. The ability to multitask is due to their very powerful processors, ample memory and recent operating systems designed to handle heavy and composite tasks on the go.

We love laptops and we always want to help readers find a machine that gives all round user comfort and satisfaction.  We came across the Asus rog gl551jw-ds71 gaming laptop and we agreeably say it has some good features. Here’s a further look into all the aspects of this laptop plus some reasons why you should or should not go for it.

ASUS ROG gl551jw-ds71 Review

asus rog gl551jw-ds71At 5.6 pounds this 15.6 inches ASUS gaming laptop comes in an outer metallic body. The ROG branding logo is engraved on top of its screen flap and its solid build gives users a mixture of comfy ergonomics. It has average dimensions, 10.1” length, 15.1” width and 1.3” height. The lid is a large sheet of polished aluminum in midnight black color.

Once you open the laptop, the view that comes into contact with the eyes is vast plastic bezels that surround the 15.6” screen.  The red backlit keyboard and palm rest are also covered in a continuous sheet of aluminum but the remaining parts tail off to a plastic body with 1.8mm of key travel. The laptop features one exhaust on its side and additional USB 3.1 type-C port that eliminates the worry of plugging in upside down.


Asus made a clear statement of what their intentions are with this ASUS rog laptop. The CPU’s 6th Generation Intel Core i7 Quad Core processor is very fast with impressive speeds of 2.6GHz. These lighting speeds are perfect for both gaming and high performance and it evidently shows how easy it is for users to transition from one platform to the next with ease.

Gaming graphics

asus rog gl551jw-ds71Video graphics help give users a near reality experience and that’s what most tech companies dealing with visual gadgets hope to achieve. From 2D to 3D each visual dimension is a motivation that draws all your senses into what is happening right before your eyes. On the other hand, gaming graphics also exhibit their own impressive aspects. They have to be very visually powerful and captivating.

The ASUS ROG gl551jw-ds71 uses a different approach. Not too many fancy graphic themes are employed. Its quiet and discrete NVIDIA GTX 960 graphic theme will disappoint you if you were looking for the ultimate disco mojo mood. Although it does not turn the room into a game chaotic scene, the full HD IPS panel without glare does provide gamers with vivid, creative and accurate color display. The graphics card also has some impressive attributes for users with its potent Full DirectX 12 powered support. The SSD is available on GL552VW-DH74 model for faster data transfers and superior load times.

Asus rog gl551jw-ds71 laptop uses the NVIDIA GTX960M, 4GB GDDR5 (dedicated) graphics coprocessor with 4096 MB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce chipset.

Graphics won’t be effective without good screen display and resolution. On its 15.6” screen size, the screen display operates under a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which is also its maximum point.


I noticed 2 things about this laptop’s memory. It’s a good option for a start and if you do get to exhaust it, you can always expand the capacity by adding in some more memory. Other than the usual computer programs, you can download and install a variety of gaming and computer applications. The RAM is worth 16 GB DDR4-SDRAM, 1 TB Hard Drive and 128 GB SSD; HDD all function with memory speeds of 2133 MHz.

Operating system

Asus rog gl551jw-ds71p uses Windows 10 OS with programmable key-code for pre-OS authentication.


The audio excellence achieved by applying the SonicMaster intelligence together with AudioWizard. The audio quality derived from this blend is rich, high fidelity audio that is crystal clear. The programmed AudioWizard comprises of 5 tailor-made presets designed for various popular game genres.

  • For game data priority, the laptop uses Asus GameFirst 3 technology.
  •  Anti-glare full HD IPS panel that produces clear display.
  • Its price compared with prices from other gaming laptop makes is reasonable. This laptop is very affordable and it is available at an average market price of $955.
  • Multitask friendly; you can use it for gaming and general purpose.
  • Has a bigger hard drive that allows memory upgrade at any time.
  • Favorable RAM and Hard Drive space capacity.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty from manufacturer.
  • Very stylish design.
  • Its finicky screen is very annoying especially when you are after some peaceful uninterrupted gaming time.
  • Thick on its general build.
  • The aluminum and  plastic used to assemble it make it heavy.


Our verdict

Gaming, high performance, general purpose and budget friendly, asus rog gl551jw-ds71 does have some under the hood features. Compared to other gaming laptops we think it deserves a 7/10 rating. With sublime graphics and cutting edge technology this laptop’s performance does surpass our expectations. However, if it were not for its weight and thickness, gaming enthusiasts would have a reason to fuss less and enjoy its splendor.

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