The ultimate best budget gaming mouse 2018

best budget gaming mouse

You need not just a mouse but the best if you want to enjoy gaming. In the list below we have gathered the best budget gaming mouse of 2018.

Every gamer will agree to this. in this guide you will find a buying guide for the best budget gaming mouse in 2018.

A mouse (plural mice) in a computer system is the detachable input device that resembles a mouse in literal terms, the animal. Its general use is to give screen direction by moving the device on a flat surface and the cursor on the screen immediately guides the user’s eyes. It is also used to make quick prompts such as copying and pasting. On a personal computer, a mouse functions separately and has to be connected to the PC via a USB port.

On a laptop a mouse comes integrated on the keyboard surface, it is usually the soft pad that lies after the keys and it allows your fingers to glide across it with ease. Sometimes the mouse pad on a laptop may refuse to function and so we upgrade by going the PC way and connecting the external mouse, either way, they both function to achieve the same purpose.

Gaming mouse

Gaming mice are designed to suit various gaming specifications. Along with user comfort, customization and functionality they are very reliable and give optimum responsive tracking. Other key features of a gaming mouse are accuracy and precision. Apart from the 5 general mouse features we discussed above, there are 3 other features that best describe a gaming mouse. Let’s have a look at these features.

Optical and laser sensors

These are the two types of sensors used on mice. Basic PC mice feature an optical laser with an LED whereas the latest innovation in gaming mice is laser sensors which are also classified under advanced optical sensors.  Instead of an infrared or red LED the laser mouse uses a laser beam for illumination. How is this mouse good on gaming? Good question. A laser mouse measures the entire mouse pad structure and it becomes very sensitive on deep surface, soft mouse pads. The main ideology behind this mechanism is to allow the laser sensor smooth transition to function effectively as it picks up and processes information with lighting speeds.

Resolution/DPI (Dots-per-inch)

The mouse resolution, which is measured in DPI works to effectively control your speed and the accuracy users enjoy while moving the cursor. This however should not confuse and lead you to thinking that mice with higher resolution (DPI) are better off. In some cases, this theory may work but yet again in some it is null. How mice operate is something that involves some deep mechanics.

Sometimes, different mice types use the same optical sensors but the difference in performance comes in when one mouse works by dividing each pixel into 4 in order to achieve a higher DPI. The high DPI rating is a good thing but it will not eliminate the noise factor once the sensor starts sending errors due to noise signals. The current gaming mice are designed with a feature that allows users to adjust DPI with just one click. Here, you can choose between fast moving low DPI for fast movement and slow moving fast DPI for accuracy and control.


Mouse ergonomics and customizable features are some factors that come into play if you are using it for long hours handling complex tasks. Gaming uses some fast and responsive prompts and a customizable mouse helps achieve all these needs at one go.

Types of mice grips

Mice grips describe how well a particular mouse design fits into the entire palm or what is commonly called “hand”. The entire palm comprises of the wrist, fingers and palm arches. Mice are designed to suit all if some palm structures and for the sake of efficiency, a good mouse should give both hands some good grip. Here’s a look at the different types of mice grips.

  • Palm grip: This grip allows your entire hand to rest on the mouse. The palm arches are cushioned on the mouse’s back as the hand glides it across the surface. If the palm grip is too big or too small the user will have a hard time gliding it thus wasting a lot of time.
  • Claw grip: This is a tweaked version of the palm grip. With this grip, users can practice some creative moves while holding the mouse firmly in place. To achieve a claw grip, arch your middle and index finger backward and create a vertical angle for clicking.
  • Fingertip grip: This grip allows the thumb and two fingers to touch the mouse while the hand stays in the air.

Best budget gaming mouse for 2018

These mice come in various fashionable designs which deliver the gist and thrill expected in a gaming machine. We based our research on the 5 general mouse qualities and the 3 additional gaming mice features and this is what we concluded in our top 10 best budget gaming mouse 2017.

1. Creative sound Blaster X siege MO4 Gaming Mouse

Best budget gaming mouseThis mouse tops our list of the best gaming mouse of 2017 due to its precision and style.  The creators are best known for their sound cards however, they did manage to spark some flames in the mouse market with this particular mouse. Competitor brands such as Razor and Logitech have a standing history of churning the best mice but in this case all heads bow to Creative Sound Blaster X siege MO4. Let’s have a look at what this mouse is all about:

Design: Much like the basic mouse, it has no intricate design yet with all this simplicity it still manages a stylish appeal. The contoured wheel and side plus the lighting details give it a ritzy appearance.

Features:This best budget gaming mouse is pretty impressive with a DPI of 12,000 and PixArt PMW 3360 sensor. The RBG lighting is responsible for the stylish ritzy details on its general appearance; the lighting is controlled by Creative’s Sound Blaster Connect software. Its seven programmable buttons use Omron switches with a 50 million click rating.

  • 12,000 DPI sensor doesn’t need pointer acceleration if you want to use the mouse effectively
  • The RGB lighting detail is very stylish
  • The 7 programmable buttons allow users to adapt its use easily
  • Creative could have made it lighter
  • Not so good balance

2. Razor Death Adder Elite Mouse

So, we can’t have some top spots and not reserve one for Razor. Coming in second place is its Razor Death Adder Elite 16,000 DPI mouse.  Customer reviews have termed this Death Adder mouse as Razor’s most responsive. It has one of the most responsive sensors with 99.4% resolution accuracy.

Design:The ergonomic design allows some comfy palm-rest while the elevated center and flat back-front increases the surface depth for the sensor. It has some programmable buttons on its surface and sides and the wheel retains some contours.

Features:This Razor gaming mouse boasts some excellent tracking features thanks to True tracking at 450” per second. Its Razor Chroma lighting gives a 50g acceleration/ or IPS of up to 450. The 16,000 DPI/ resolution is an assurance of very responsive accuracy, in addition the mouse can switch to 50 million clicks.

  • Has a design that is perfect for comfortable grip
  • Ergonomic design and features allow users to maneuver with ease
  • Very powerful DPI
  • Features some impressive RGB lighting
  • Doesn’t have a free spinning scroll wheel
  • The overall design is too common and customers expect far much better from Razor

3. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Best Budget Gaming Mouse

If it were not for its relatively high price, this mouse would have topped the list. The design and features are top notch not forgetting the brand name which is an established seller in computer accessories. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum features an all-terrain design that suits both comfort and portability functions. Let’s delve further and see what this mouse is all about:best budget gaming mouse

Design:This mouse’s design is totally ambidextrous with a creative look to suit its purpose. The front is elaborately designed for users to easily maneuver their fingers with the surface housing the scrolling wheel and 3 programmable buttons. The back has a smooth and curved palm rest suitable for comfy use during lengthy gaming sessions.
Features:At 12,000 DPI this mouse can achieve some variations in accuracy and speed furthermore it can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs. The 2.4GHz wireless interface is another of its fast responsive appeal. With its DPI and wireless features combined you have a very accurate, fast and responsive mouse. Additional features that make this mouse perfect for gaming are: 30hrs battery life, removable side buttons, 11 programmable buttons and customizable RGB lighting.

  • Very appealing and creative ambidextrous design
  • Good DPI
  • Fast wireless interface
  • Long battery life
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • A variety of programmable buttons
  • Its price compared to other gaming mice is very high
  • The design is impressive but maybe complex to users who are not used to complex ergonomic features.
  • Doesn’t factor in any optional weights

4. SteelSeries Rival 700-Best Budget Gaming Mouse

This mouse features a basic design with an elaborate side mount. From its OLED display it’s obvious that SteelSeries dared to venture where most mouse makers don’t. This gaming mouse can prove to be useful for these 3 games: global offensive, dota 2 and minecraft. Here’s more on the Rival 700’s design, features, pros and cons. best budget gaming mouse

Design:The mouse has a very basic and general curve design with a 3 to 6 foot cable which users can use to snap covers on and off.

Features:Functions with a high DPI of 16,000, has tactile alerts plus it uses game sense support, SteelSeries Engine 3 support, onboard profile storage and variable programmable buttons.

  • Tactile alerts that trigger vibrations whenever in-game resources are replenished.
  • Modular components that offer high levels of customization.
  • Innovative OLED display
  • Efficient onboard profile storage
  • The design and features favor right handed users
  • Has limited display support

5. Razor Naga Hex V2 MOBA– Best Budget Gaming Mouse

Razor mice as we mentioned before are some of the best in the market. Just like the Razor Death Adder Elite, the Razor Naga Hex V2 has a super design and features that place it in a class of its own. Its ergonomic and ambidextrous appeal is perfect for gaming lets delve deeper. best budget gaming mouse

Design:Light weight, Palm-fitting ambidextrous design is what describes this mouse. The mounted buttons on the side allow the thumb to make some quick navigation.  For maximum grip, users can enjoy the comfort of two rubber clips positioned on each side of the mouse.

Features:Has a DPI of 16,000 with 5G laser sensor, 7 button mechanical thumb wheel and on the fly DPI switch buttons.

  • Powerful DPI
  • Side mounted buttons for a handy grip
  • RGB lighting that is fairly customizable
  • Features like the side mounted buttons complicates its use and you’ll need lots of practice to understand this mouse
  • Doesn’t have a local memory

6. Corsair Harpoon M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Harpoon is what we can term as a budget gaming mouse. Its ambidextrous and grippable nature fits it perfectly into the gaming mouse category. It has an optical gaming sensor with 6,000 DPI which is by far the lowest in this list. This DPI is perfect for precision and accuracy while gaming. Below is a detailed look into its design, features, pros and cons. best budget gaming mouse

Design:Very basic contoured ergonomic design that allows your palm to rest comfortably as the fingers do all the scrolling. The textured side grips are made of rubber which ultimately adds to the users comfort.

Features:This gaming mouse has DPI of 6000, 6 programmable buttons, optical gaming sensor with responsive tracking and onboard memory for custom DPI setting storage.

  • Very affordable gaming mouse
  • Good DPI and optical gaming sensor for accuracy and precision
  • RGB lighting
  • Its basic ergonomics allow quick adaptability
  • Flimsy software

7. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum– Best Bugdet Gaming Mouse

This Logitech gaming mouse is what you can describe as the champion of customization. It’s one of those mice that you can’t get enough and to be honest, it did help Logitech establish itself in the mouse world. For gaming purpose, a highly customizable mouse is the best option to work with. The mouse’s design and features are some of the best in this list but if you look into the brand, we couldn’t expect anything less. Best Bugdet Gaming Mouse

Design:Has a comfy palm rest design and excellent scrolling wheel. If you know or have heard of the Logitech Proteus Core mouse then, the G502 Proteus Spectrum is just an updated version of it.

Features:Has a variable DPI ranging from 200 to highs of 12,000 and customizable RGB lighting which features a palette of 6.8 million colors. The mouse comes in 5, 3.6 weights that allow users some personalized balance and mass. Lastly, it has 3 on board settings, surface turnable Delta zero sensor and 5 customizable DPI settings.

  • Satisfying and efficient scrolling wheel
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Big range of DPI options
  • A gorgeous and ergonomic design
  • 5 customizable DPI settings
  • An excellent gaming mouse at a budget friendly Price
  • Mouse does not support left handed users
  • The weights can be hard to remove

8. Mad Catz R.A.T 1 Optical Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac

Mad Catz is a brand that deserves some applause for their unique entry level mouse. Let’s face it, the name and design are in sync, with this mouse you’ll only see what the name suggests. The mouse design is very eccentric but it shouldn’t be a surprise since Mad Catz isn’t the first mouse brand to produce a mouse with an equally intricate design. best budget gaming mouse 2017

Design:At 8th place, this entry level mouse has really outshone many established key players. This mouse’s design is very esoteric, having it in your hand feels like you are handling a palm size toy robot. Many gamers have nicknamed it “Cyborg” gaming mouse. Mad Catz has had a standing history with Logitech and Saitek, the history doesn’t involve any negative vibes by the way, just some selling and buying of franchises. This history saw the last of RAT series alternated with the new RAT 1 brand series. Although this particular Mad Catz RAT 1 mouse has had many previous models in the market, we choose to call it entry level due to its new design, features and branding.

Unlike the previous RAT mouse, this particular mouse has a palm rest and users don’t have to worry about their comfort. Its general build resembles that of a carefully conjoined bone structure, different pieces assembled to create a rodent like device with rocket wings on the side.

Features:Has 4 programmable buttons, clicky scrolling wheel, uses PAW3204DB sensor and 1600 DPI.

  • Has an interesting design that adds to the gaming thrill
  • Uses ultra-fast, accurate and precise sensor
  • Low DPI that is good for gaming precision
  • It is one budget gaming mouse
  • Very light
  • Very few programmable button
  • Complex build does not allow fingers to trace their way around the mouse with ease
  • Does not have any customizable features

9.  Logitech G403 Progidy-Best Budget Gaming Mouse 2

Best Budget Gaming MouseThis is the 3rd of Logitech’s gaming mice to grace our list and at 9th place we do think that its performance according to customer reviews is fair. Gaming and Logitech are like two peas in a pod, we say so because to them it doesn’t really matter what competition they are facing or what new gaming technology possess a challenge. A look into the gaming demographics and most gamers prefer Logitech Gaming mice to other brands and with these 3 mice in our top ten list, it shouldn’t be hard to see why. The Logitech G403 Prodigy has a general build that assures gamers long hours of supreme comfort. The features too are in-tune to today’s gaming technology thus elevating the whole spectrum. Let’s have a detailed look at what this mouse is about:

Design:This mouse is very lightweight plus its rubber grips deliver a comfortable experience. The ergonomically designed body fits perfectly into the hand, your palm rest comfortably on its elevated back as your fingers maneuver the buttons with ease.

Features:Has G403 gaming speeds that are pretty fast. The 12,000 DPI allows users some optimum speed and accuracy. More of its features are 6 programmable buttons, customizable DPI settings, on board memory, resolution tracking and RGB indicator lights.

  • Fast and accurate DPI
  • Fast G403 gaming speeds
  • RGB lighting
  • Its general design is an assurance of comfort
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Customizable DPI settings can be adjusted to users specifications
  • Logitech could have managed a better design

10. Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse

best budget gaming mouseThis is the second Corsair product in our list. Corsair Sabre RGB can be compared to the Corsair M65 Pro RGB in design and features however Corsair Sabre can be described as a modest version. Most people think that this modest nature is a downgrade but if you look into the mouse’s design and features you’ll notice that Corsair wanted to give its customers a low-cost yet efficient gaming mouse. A low-price and unique design is what gives the Corsair Sabre RGB mouse its own identity. Here’s more on its design, features, pros and cons.


Has a simple and basic mouse design with front scrolling wheel and an adjacent switch button. The side programmable buttons give users some easy time maneuvering while gaming.


Has an impressive DPI of 10,000, RGB lighting, plenty of programmable buttons for customizable features and a brilliant sensor.

  • High DPI
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Brilliant sensor for accuracy and precision
  • Programmable buttons that allow users to customize the mouse’s features to their liking
  • The design may not fit into the palm comfortably and may give users a hard time holding it in place

5 key qualities of the Best Budget Gaming mouse

Computer mouse are different in both design features and functions. There are plenty of mice in the market and depending on your budget you can buy a suitable mouse to suit your needs. Various brands such as HP, Microsoft, Toshiba, ASUS, Acer and Samsung have this input device readily available in the market. If you look at mice from each of these brands, you will notice some similar features, these features are what we term as good qualities and we shall look into each of them before we proceed to the best budget gaming mouse.

  • Ergonomics

Ergonomics has to do with the mouse’s versatility in handling different tasks. Brands differ in their outlook towards this feature but in general a good purposeful mouse should be contoured in shape to fit the entire palm, have a scrolling wheel and present its users with extra features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Battery life

Other than the USB connection, we have the wireless options. This type of mouse doesn’t really need a connection cable and you can connect it to the laptop/PC via the wireless router and use it from any point. The features are a plus one in ensuring some user comfort but the only challenge arises with the battery life. If you want a mouse with some long battery service, then its best to go with one that has an on/off switch.

  • Size

The perfect size that fits your palm is what you ought to consider while buying a mouse. Much like ergonomics, size matters with preference, if you feel a small mouse appeals to you then you can go for it. The common travel size mouse is what we are used to seeing but should you search through the various computer accessories stores, you are bound to come across different sized mice in varying designs.

  • Receivers

This is a common concern with wireless mice. There are two types of receivers: a nano receiver that allows easy packing or a full sized receiver which extends out of the laptop. Another point to consider is whether the mouse comes with a receiver placeholder such as ball point pen, USB flash drives and spare keys. Bluetooth connectivity is also a factor to consider but this feature must be compatible with both computer and mouse. Before making either purchase, check for Bluetooth connectivity in both devices.

  • Programmable buttons

Programmable buttons are an extra motivation. Some people can’t live without this feature whereas others have no idea of its existence and so they are less bothered. Although they come as an extra utility feature on a mouse, knowing how to program them will save you a lot of time. If you are not certain that you’ll use them then you can opt for the discreetly placed buttons.


Gaming has become one popular venture and gamers are out craving the best gaming machines to supplement their gaming appetite. Current games are packed with technological aspects such as video graphics, sound and 3D tactics. A good gaming mouse should rise above these aspects and it should work with a good blend of speed, accuracy and precision. This list was compiled with much research and consideration to customer reviews. We hope that the information gathered here helps you understand what gaming mice are about and what you should look for when purchasing one.

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