Best Gaming Chair Buying Guide 2018

Did you know that with the best gaming chair your gaming can be enhanced?

Unlike other forms of chairs, gaming chairs are uniquely designed to suit the comfort features most gaming enthusiasts aim for. Everything from its back, arms, seat, leg and foot rest plus extra innovation features must work towards achieving a dope appearance and comfortable feel.

Some chairs like the X-Rocker 51396 Pro Series even come with built in speakers and woofers so if you do not like the sound coming from your gaming computer, you can always hype it up with the sound system on your chair.

Choosing a good gaming chair can be a still fix if you do not know the key features and factors to consider. While they look intricately built for a fantasy world, we must agree that they do have what it takes to bring the farfetched gaming domains that lie within most computer screens into reality.

In this article we shall look at the 11 Best Gaming chairs as reviewed by us. Each chair is chosen with a keen eye to the qualities that make the best gaming chair and the circumstances behind the choices made by most buyers.

Best Gaming Chairs 2018

  1. DX Racer Racing Series
  2. E-Blue Auroza ECC305B
  3. X-Rocker 51396 Pro Series
  4. IKEA Markus
  5. Merax Gaming Style Racing chair
  6. X-Rocker 51259 Pro Gaming Chair
  7. SAYL Chair Herman Miller
  8. Giantex Ergonomic PU Leather Chair
  9. Homall Ergonomic Leather Racing Style Gaming Chair
  10. ArozziEnzo Series Racing Style Gaming Chair
  11. LEVL ALPHA M Series Racing Style Gaming Chair

 Some quick facts on the Best Gaming chair

Here are some quick facts on gaming chairs:

  • Did you know that the best gaming chair has the potential to enhance your gaming? Once you are positioned comfortably within the chair, you will have ample time to concentrate on the game with less worry of straining your neck, back and legs.
  • Their stylish look allows them to be used for other purposes as well. Use them to lighten your interior décor and add some sitting space.
  • In the early days when these chairs were invented, they were very expensive and only few people could afford them, in 2017 the abundance of these chairs is overwhelming and you can easily get the best budget gaming chair even under $100.


Best Gaming Chair Reviews 2018

1. DX Racer FRacing Series-Best Gaming Chair

Owing to the fact that there are many variants of the DX Racer series chair, you need to look at the f,k or lion initial within its name to know which type you are dealing with. Buyers who choose the f racing series will be spoilt for choice.

Its dominant color is black but a variation of 6 different color highlights for each chair is what you should expect. You can choose among the blue, orange, pink, red, grey and black hues, these colors may dominate the chair’s entire body or just give some little detailed highlights on the headrest, seat etc.

As we look into its features, you’ll notice that it’s all about ergonomics with this chair. Its build is ideal for gamers with an athletic to slender body frame with weights of not more than 220lbs, BMII of 25 and a height of 5″9. All Formula (F) series chairs have a standard design with an adjustable arm rest, adjustable chair height, 2 caster wheels and a rocking tilt mechanism which allows users to tilt to either side, rock back and forthBest Gaming Chair or even lock upright.

Each chair design is built with a neck and lumbar support pillow and as we mentioned, the backrest and seat may come in plain black or if you like you may choose one with either of the 6 color accents.

Color variation is not the only thing that defines the various F series models.  details such as seat material, base material, seat design and price also come into play and should affect your choice greatly. There being 7 different models of this particular DX Racer chair, each comes with its own custom color, price, seat and base material. This variation in each model concept is what makes it a unique and much sort after chair, best option and top in our list.

  • Plenty of adjustable features for gamer comfort.
  • Many models to choose from.
  • Chairs come in varying prices to favor low budgets as well as big budgets.
  • Its weight and height restrictions do not work well for gamers with weights, heights and BMI’s on the higher end.

Our verdict

From a general point of view, this chair is a very good gaming chair however you need to know some details concerning your body type for you to choose the perfect fit.


2. DX Racer FRacing Series

This chair flosses some ergonomic features redefined. Second in our list, it is one common chair to look out for if all that matters to you is an ergonomically designed chair. Along its frame, from the back rest to the seat rest, this chair is lined with cushion contours and curves to fit the body frame and keep your sitting position comfortable even after long gaming hours.Best Gaming Chair

The backrest has a unique hunch and a spooning effect to maintain a good sitting posture. This backrest is also wide and long enough to suit a variety of body types. Like most gaming chairs, its backrest also has an adjustable feature nothing fancy though but the elaborate detail about it is its futuristic light that lines the back. These back lights can be set in 4 different modes, once you sit, the red light automatically turns on. The blue-red light can be set to light at the same time when one is sitting of the chair however the blue light turns on if no one is sitting.

Second feature is its useful armrest which is efficient in performing much functionality. It can be adjusted upward or downward and can also rotate along a 360 degrees path depending on your arm’s angle. The body is made of durable materials such as solid steel, aluminum, high quality foams, strong plastic and PU leather cushion. Its wheels are made of strong nylon castors strong enough to carry big weights and heavy pressures.

  • Has an impressive ergonomic design.
  • Made of very durable materials.
  • No weight, height or BMI restrictions.
  • Has a comfy build with extra cushioning, support and ample armrest.
  • The backrest is not very breathable.
  • Although the armrest is well built, it can become faulty overtime.

Our verdict

This is one comfortable chair well-built to support a variety of body types over long gaming sessions.


3. X-Rocker 51396 Pro Series

Most gaming chairs come in black but X-Rocker Pro Series tried a rare twist to this tradition with its all-white dominant color. Its backrest and seat rest are heavily built for comfort with a base lining of high resilience foam padding and a high quality faux leather finishing. Its versatile design provides the comfort needed during lengthy hours of game play.
Best Gaming Chair
One of its important features is its Bluetooth connectivity designed to pick audio signals from any Bluetooth device. The side panel also has an audio quality control system for easy volume adjustment without worry.

  • Its design flosses an almost all-white color which is very appealing.
  • Has a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Also has a sub-woofer and built in stereo speakers.
  • Its armrest padding tends to deflate after long periods of use.
  • Tends to tilt whilst it has no tilt lock.

 Our verdict

This is the first gaming chair we are reviewing with a touch of in-built technology. It is a stunning piece and when you combine its general features with the Bluetooth, stereo and USB port connectivity what you enjoy is more than gaming comfort.


4.Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair

Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair is a very simple and cheap chair, nothing too fancy about it just that it’s built with breathable material, top notch swivel mechanism and adjustment features to suit all heights.
Best Gaming Chair
From a general look, its design seems to resemble that of an office chair but once you dig deep into its features you realize that it is built with strong resilience needed for gaming purposes.

With this chair, you work and play with no worries at all. Its neck and head rest support is very strong and comfy while the seat is equally designed to accommodate various weights and BMI’s.

  • Its durability can be confirmed by the 10-year warranty offered by the company.
  • Made of easy to clean materials.
  • A versatile chair that can suit both office and gaming functions.
  • Backrest is made of breathable mesh material.
  • Can be adjusted to support various weights, heights and BMI’s.
  • The Arm rest is not very good.

Our verdict

This chair is a first of its kind to feature in our list. Its versatile features blend well to deliver satisfaction for both professional and gaming purposes.


5.Merax Racing Style Executive Chair

Merax Executive chair is among the rare gaming chairs that come with an impressive feature. Its elaborate footrest which can be adjusted to fit various heights is something most gamers can’t overlook. Merax is also one company that has devoted its strengths to producing unique yet affordable products.
Best Gaming Chair
Its build is rather intense with a comfy headrest and neck rest, padded backrest with extra cushioning for the waist/lumbar area, comfy seat and armrest and an adjustable height on its foot rest. The high back has an adjustable tilt with tilt lock and an aluminum base that’s strong enough to withstand heavy pressure.

Merax executive gaming chair has an ergonomic design which provides proper posture and comfort to those who love to spend long sitting hours gaming. Its durable body is made of PU leather with strong mesh fabric upholstery for its face. Another feature is its breathable body which is crucial if you are to spend long hours sitting.

  • Has a 360-degree swivel rotation for additional accessibility and mobility.
  • Can be tilted backward or forward along a 180-degree plane.
  • It’s a strong chair made of thick PU leather material which also provides extra padding, support and cushioning.
  • Design is not suited for heavy body frames.
  • Has limiting adjustment features.

Our verdict

Other than its limiting weight feature Merax chair is an all-weather racing style gaming chair with features that surpass your usual expectations.


6. X-Rocker 51259 Wireless Pro Gaming Chair

Its design bags it all in most gaming chairs review sites. The build is very comfy and you can easily sink your entire body frame in the chair without the fear of being tucked in too tight. Its in-built 4.1 wireless audio delivers sound vibrations that will excite your gaming senses and take the experience a notch higher.
Best Gaming Chair 2018
The chair also has a device compatibility feature, you can pair it with your television set and smart phone or even better plug in your headphones to enjoy your favorite playlist as you play.

Because of its complicated build, we shall look at the box materials and chair installation. Despite its heavy build and intricate look, it’s not much of a problem when installing this chair.  All it needs is a few screws to tighten the armrest and you are set to start playing. The wiring connect needed for compatible monitors or gadgets is also very simple, get the job done by simply plugging it in.

For the audio In and Out receptors no wires are needed. It uses headsets or sources with RCA outputs. We all agree that the chair’s build does need some manual, for the sake of user sanity, the chair comes complete with a comprehensive user manual.

Before we look at the physical features, we’d rather start with the techy side of this chair which remains its top feature. Its Ultimate Interactive Audio Experience makes the audio from outside devices sound better and users can actually feel the immersive vibrations. Additional vibration motors are installed in the chair and are synced to its bass audio tones thus making it our ultimate racing style chair. The sound quality if compared to other gaming chairs is very divine and the sub-woofers work together with the speakers to deliver quality sound though the woofer’s Innovative Audio Force Modulation Technology.

The chair’s ergonomics are also of equal importance to its efficiency. It has a thick connected and curved backrest and seat which is made of tough fabric material. Its armrests and base can be detached at the users will but this feature only works to enhance the comfort levels for supercharged gaming.

  • Its techy features are 2017’s gaming chair innovation.
  • The user manual and easy installation procedure make it a very convenient chair
  • Its thick C-curved backrest is very comfortable.
  • At $192 this chair is very affordable offering more than enough ergonomic features.
  • It has a very short power cord.
  • It is a very heavy chair.
  • The cushion is not very durable.

Our verdict

X-Rocker 4.1 wireless chair goes beyond most comfort zones that a huge number of gamers are after. It’s highly affordable and one can easily overlook its weight and less durable cushion just to indulge in the tech momentum it has to offer.


7. SAYL Chair Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a reputable company that makes office and/ gaming chairs by combining a blend of comfort and style. In particular SAYL chairs have an elegant design that elevates your sense of importance whenever you sit on them. The SAYL gaming chair by Herman Miller remains a top sweetheart in many a crowd of gaming enthusiasts.
Best Gaming Chair 2018
The concept used in the chair’s making is the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge structure. Although its concept is that of a complicated bridge structure, assembling it takes less minutes. Work your way from the base attaching it to the seat. The box comes with only 3 pieces, attach the base to the seat and later put the armrests. Built in safety locks are available to emphasize on the chair’s integrity.

Choose this gaming chair if all you are after is uniqueness and esthetic value. Even though these chairs are unique and stylish, Herman Miller still maintains a sturdy strong design for its makeup that is, the backrest, armrest and lumbar supports. The backrest remains unique with its noticeable Y tower back for efficient support. The material used in making the backrest is a malleable rubber mesh.

No hand edges connect the backrest to the armrest so any discomfort associated with this connective feature is totally eliminated. Its ergonomic backrest easily fits any body type and adopts the back structure of any back frame sitting on it.

Another feature of equal importance is its support and suspense system which compares to the bridges structure. The Y tower works best for style as well as strong and efficient back support.

  • Its ergonomic design is distinctly efficient.
  • It has plenty room structure upgrades such as the lumbar support.
  • Its elastic mesh type backrest is very efficient for support and comfort.
  • Its recline is limited.
  • Armrest and seat height cannot be adjusted without the upgrade.

Our verdict

SAYL office/gaming chair is one suitable for those craving comfort, strength and style. It doesn’t look like your average gaming chair with padding all over but it delivers everything promising in these features.

8. Giantex Ergonomic PU Leather Chair

From its look, this chair is a masterpiece. The Dominant black and detailed white lining its backrest, seat, armrest and base gives it an executive look with a sophisticated touch. The design can easily for as an office and/or gaming chair. Its maximum load capacity is 264lbs whilst its height dimension from the backrest to the seat is 31”. The seats dimensions are 20.8” by 20.4”.
Best Gaming Chair 2018
Its high backrest which is contoured to support a good sitting posture while gaming is very comfy and the spacing that the contours create between the back and the backrest allows maximum airflow. Leather is a less breathable material for gaming chairs but with a logic like that of the contours, the gamer can still enjoy a dry back even after long periods resting on the chair.

The seat rest is also heavily cushioned with slight contouring in between the thigh area for comfort and maximum airflow. Some of its ergonomic features such as the swivel delivers strong and steady rocking functions.

  • It’s made of durable and easy to clean polyurethane (PU) leather which is easy to clean.
  • Has an advanced ergonomic deign for neck and back support.
  • Its load capacity carries various body types.
  • Chair has a gas lift for easily adjusting the seat height.
  • Its support is not efficient for taller gamers.
  • The chair’s arms cannot be adjusted.
  • As opposed to the seat being soft, it is too firm something very unpleasant to most gamers.

Our verdict

Giantex remains a top choice in as far as executive gaming is concerned. The chair can easily play office and gaming chair at any time, this dual feature is an elaborate way to get the best out of its features .


9.Homall Ergonomic Leather Racing Style Best Gaming Chair

Made of 100% premium PU leather this Homall ergonomic chair is an executive one of a kind racing style chair. Its backrest has a high back design making suitable for tall people preferably 6ft or more. Shorter people can also enjoy the convenience of this chair by adjusting the head rest to suit their height.
Best Gaming Chair 2018
The headrest can also be adjusted to various lumbar support positions and the pillows also give your neck and shoulder area a calming sensation that is less stressing to the bone structure. Weight tests done on this chair favored people with over 200 pounds however its maximum capacity is 300 pounds.

Assembling this chair isn’t much of a hustle furthermore there is a complete how to manual with instructions. Its backrest recline covers a 180 degree plane and the chair can be adjusted to various positions while its added supports allow gamers to sit on it for long periods.

Its multi function seat back has a lock back feature for an upright position while gaming, a fully locked recline for resting and rocking function for relaxing. Its seat has a body comforting feature while the backrest gives your sitting posture a comfortable recline. The swivel can rotate around a 360 degree plane allowing gamers to swiftly turn and talk or reach for things on either side of the chair.

  • Backrest has an attractive mesh with a sliding waterfall design.
  • The premium PU leather covers the entire chair armrests included.
  • Seat rest provides long hours of comfy sitting.
  • The chairs skeletal frame is made of high quality metal making it a durable chair.
  • Armrests cannot be adjusted and stay in one position.
  • Seat tilt is somewhat difficult to adjust.
  • Its height is limiting when it comes to it fitting in smaller desks.

Our verdict

Taller people and people with big body frames are totally covered with this chair. Its durable nature is also a plus one, made of quality materials such as strong PU leather and metals you can rest easy knowing that this chair will stick around your gaming room for a while.


10.Arozzi Enzo Series Racing Style Gaming Chair

This particular Arozzi Enzo gaming chair has a design and overall look that is influenced by heavy thick leather. Leather style chairs are liked by most people because they stand out more and are easy to clean. The chair also has an affordable price tag, something that budget minded peeps ought to consider.
Best Gaming Chair 2018
Although it has a swiveling back and light weight nature the chair maintains a sturdy and strong frame. Its comfort ratings are top the rank with stuff like the padded leather which is thick enough to cushion your back. Created for racing style purpose the swivel, back/forward tilt and spring base allows users to adjust the chair’s height and gaming positions.

It has a pretty simple design much like most gaming chairs we have reviewed. The sleek black and patchy green color combo gives the chair a deluxe look which is very attractive to the eye. On the head rest there is a small opening that creates some breathing room between your neck area and the chair. From its base all the way to the top the Arozzi Enzo frame is built for durability with features such as a gas spring base for some easy height adjustment and the swivel is equipped to rotate along a 360 degrees plane.

  • Very light weight chair.
  • Made of easy to clean leather material.
  • Its general design and color combination give the chair an elegant look.
  • Gas spring base allows height adjustment and reduction.
  • Materials used to make the chair are very thick and equally comfortable.
  • The cushion’s durability is a matter of concern since they tend to wear away very easily.
  • Armrest material cracks with time.
  • Chair needs a lot of time to assemble.

Our verdict

Its sophisticated color combo, light weight design is what most gamers will enjoy. The swivel and adjustable height are some ergonomic features that make it an efficient yet versatile chair.


11.LEVL ALPHA M Series Racing Style Gaming Chair

The name suggests that there exists other series of this gaming chair and to complete our list we shall look at the series M. in a nutshell, we must say that is a very heavy chair, 50 pounds to be precise.

The thick cushions aren’t to blame we bet their weight account for a very small %, its heavy steel frame is what adds a huge % of pounds. If it were an IKEA Markus or Sayl chair with all these pounds we would be surprised but for Level it all about the extra pounds owing to the fact that most Level chairs are notoriously heavy.
Best Gaming Chair 2018
Its M (medium) design suits users 5’6” to 6’5” with a maximum recommended weight of 220lbs. Its frame is slightly larger than the Level Alpha S (small) which is suitable for people with lesser height and weight.

The seat cushion is made of thick 4” cold cured padding. This cold cured foam not only provides some long hours of comfortable sitting but also years of durability while in use. The nylon tank designed base is reinforced to support various weights from people with average build.

Its gas spring base uses an industry standard class 4 gas cylinder which is the highest class available in the market and the best in assuring a chair’s durability even after prolonged use. Many noname brands opt to use class 2 cylinders which do not last long.

The neck rest and backrest are heavily padded however an additional thick pillow cushion with the Level logo is added for premium comfort. The pillow on the back prevents you from sinking in and you can maintain an upright posture without any strain. The chair also comes with a standard swivel tilt mechanism for adjusting its recline to whatever front or backward position you desire.

  • Frame has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Everything else is covered with a 3 year guarantee.
  • It is sturdily built with high comfort levels.
  • Lumber and neck cushions are oversized to enhance user comfort.
  • Steel frame is heavy duty and very durable.
  • Its upholstery is made of premium PU leather.
  • Soft PU casters that are safe to use on wood.
  • No new innovation was applied to its general look.
  • Costly chair with no tech features.
  • Very heavy.
  • Assembling the chair can be a hustle.

Our verdict

If durability is a matter of concern to you then this Level Alpha M series gaming chair has got you covered. It comes with various guarantees and 30 to 60 day free trial offers something which most gaming chair companies do not give.


Qualities of the best Gaming chair

Qualities of a good gaming chair are paramount whenever you are faced with relative choices that need you to make a quick and smart purchase decision. It’s no lie that many Gaming chair manufacturers stick to these qualities while building the perfect chairs for gamers. Each quality is an independent faction that ensures the optimum performance of a gaming chair and it uniqueness. Some gaming chairs blend all these qualities into one composite gadget while others feature only a few qualities in their build and design. Let us now have an in-depth look at each quality.


Buying a good gaming chair may be a tasking process but we must say the process ought to be worthwhile. The chair can come with the best of qualities as outlined in this section but if each of these qualities does not ensure its durability then buying it doesn’t really make any sense. Buy a chair that is smartly built with a sturdy body that will see you use it for longer periods or even years.


A good chair should give you your needed functionality to match your gaming system. While choosing the chair, you may consider the type of games you play, your gaming computer and available space for the chair. This aspect also includes factors like extra features such as a massage and sound system. Always look into functionality to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.


Although some chairs are not really built for comfort, it is a quality that needs maximum consideration. The aspect of comfort has to do with the manner in which your entire body rests on the chair while gaming. Some gamers may want a chair that caters for the neck region all the way to the feet while others may only want their backs and hip comfortably placed.Since gaming requires a lot of concentration you may find that you have little or no time to keep adjusting your body all for the sake of achieving a comfy posture. Get a chair that will take care of your physical body needs while giving you a good gaming posture.


A gaming chair is made up of the backrest, armrest, height, seat, footrest, rock tension and caster. Much of its skeletal build is metallic however the comfy padded regions are made of either of these 2 materials: leather or fabric. Each material has its own qualities, advantages and disadvantages. Let us now look at each material:


When durability is a more sort after factor, leather chairs top the list. Genuine leather as a material does make good products such as shoes, belts, bags and even clothes. A leather chair is very flexible with a smooth feel; these two variants make it a very costly material and a good choice for children’s chairs. When it comes to cleaning, leather is very easy to clean and it doesn’t absorb or retain dirt easily. If you take good care of your leather chair, it may last you years and years of service. The downside to leather is its low absorption power and poor ventilation system. Once you sweat on this chair, you may have a hard time since the moistness will be retained between your body and the leather, because of this you may end up gliding on the seat.


Fabric chairs are a cheaper and more comfortable option. Unlike leather which does not need to be blended with other materials, fabric chairs are often manufactured from a blend of different fabrics to give users the comfort they desire. The fabrics used in the manufacture are highly breathable with a mesh system that allows ventilation for a sweat free time. These blended fibers are strong and do not tear easily despite all this the chairs may be durable but not to last you a long time. Because of the fabric blend, these chairs are often hard to clean and the users ought to be very keen not spill stuff on them. When not using your fabric chair, store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Use a protective cover to cover the fabric and prevent dirt and dust from falling on them.


There are different categories of good gaming chairs depending on their price tag. The average price may range between $100 to $500 however there are good gaming chairs under $100 and those under $1000. Each price tag has chairs with functional features to suit its bracket, consider what you are looking for in a gaming chair and ensure that you go for one that delivers all your desired features. Your budget should always be a constant factor before you jump the gun, remember that there are some expensive chairs with less impressive functional features and there are also cheap ones with quite a number of good qualities too.

Extra features

Extra features must complement your gaming system. Along its build that is from the head rest all the way to the caster a gaming chair can have some incorporated features that make it more durable, functional and comfortable. Some common features include a massage system, sound system, adjustable backrest, armrest, caster and footrest and some storage compartments where you can easily store your gaming pads etc.

Style and design

Gaming chairs come in all forms of styles and deigns, some may have a padded and adjustable backrest, armrest and footrest while others may have no padding or adjustment feature. Another design that we have also come across is the fully cushioned and padded chair with no caster and adjustable backrest, footrest or armrest. They tend to look like big inflated water chairs that hug the gamer for a comfy plush feel. With all these styles and designs in the market, its best to choose a chair that suits your gaming needs.

Enhanced experience

Everything we have discussed from functionality, durability to comfort are qualities that deliver an enhanced experience to the user. Some of these chairs even come with Bluetooth or wireless compatibility, USB and charging ports. The feel good sensation you get once you seat on the chair must equal its comfort while you are indulged in heavy gaming.

Easy storage

Gaming chairs are best suited for the gaming purpose. Often times, we may be tempted to leave them lying around the place even when we are not using them, although this is usually an option after long gaming hours that leave us weary it is not the best. Looking at the materials used to make them and their functional features you may leave your chair in a compromising spot that will leave it exposed to intrusive and destructive agents. Once you are done gaming, always ensure that you store your chair in a conducive spot. If it is light enough, you can carry it there but if it is very heavy ensure that its gliding wheels are carefully placed for you to glide it to its storage area.

How to choose the best Gaming chair

Different chairs are designed to suit different games. Current computer games are a plenty and they may feature various themes such as racing, action, adventure and violence. Each game has its own recline postures, signals, and gaming prompts. You may find that how you position yourself playing a racing game is not the same as how you may position yourself during a violence themed one.  All these circumstances will have you thinking of the proper ways to choose a good gaming chair for your gaming needs. Here’s how to choose a good gaming chair:

Styles and designs used in various gaming chairs: as we discussed earlier, gaming chairs are built with different styles and designs to suit a particular gaming preference. Chairs built for console gaming may favor laptop games but on a versa perspective computer gaming chairs where only one person can access the screen, keypad and mouse will not favor console games.

The difference between a gaming chair and other chairs especially office chairs: from a general view, gaming chairs and office chairs have a slight similar look. Both have adjustable backrest, armrest, footrest, comfy seats and a caster, a close look into each of their features you will notice some differences. Office chairs are not built with intricate materials and they do not necessarily have a neck rest.

Modern ergonomic style features: ergonomic style features entail how a particular chair allows its users to fit in comfortably. A chair may appear big but once you sit on it you realize that you are actually squeezing in since you it cannot support your entire body frame.  The posture fit concept also comes into play with the arm and foot rest. Before you buy a gaming chair, sit on it and try familiarizing yourself with its design and ergonomic features.

Versatility and adjust-ability: let’s face it in as much as gaming chairs fall under this category a little versatility makes it more efficient to the user. Since it is a chair, it can always serve other purposes but as a user you need to be extra careful not to overdo your activities on this chair. Adjust-ability is also a feature that will allow the user some comfy freedom. If you can adjust your footrest to levels that make your sitting posture more accommodating then this chair is far better than the one with a restricting adjust-ability feature.

Care and cleaning required: we looked at the two types of materials used to make gaming chairs. Each material has a specified way of cleaning and caring in order for it to last longer. If you are a clumsy gamer, you might want to choose a leather chair so that no matter what you spill on it, it will not damage any material that lies underneath.

How to care for and clean your Best Gaming chair

It’s a standing quality when you have a durable gaming chair. While durability is all the fuss when purchasing, it remains our duty to clean and care for these chairs for them to serve us longer. Cleaning and caring for a gaming chair depends on the material used in its manufacture and its extra features that may also need separate care. Here are some quick tips on how to clean and care for any gaming chair.

  • Do not place heavy items on top of them since too much weight and pressure may damage the seat whilst pulling it down making you feel shorter than before.
  • Too much swing and swaying on its backrest may weaken its support. Some of us are used to swinging backward and swaying on these seats, these activities will damage your seat in the long run since they are not built for swinging and swaying.
  • Ensure that you dust the chair regularly if not in use. Some obvious regions such as the backrest and seat may remain clean during use however there are some regions where dust and dirt does accumulate, pay close attention to its none accessible regions such as the joints and caster.

Follow these steps while cleaning:

  1. As you prepare to clean your chair ensure that you do it away from direct heat or sunlight.
  2. Start by dusting the entire seat in order to bring any hidden tough stains to view.
  3. If it can be detached please do so with moderation to some sensitive parts that may easily break should you apply too much force.
  4. For a leather chair use a moist clean cloth to wipe the dirt, do not brush or use force in rubbing, apply gentle strokes until the dirt is removed. Let the moistness dry off naturally before you can seat on it.
  5. Unless the manufacturer gives a different mode of cleaning a fabric chair, the universal way is to use a clean sponge or cloth, some lukewarm water and a little soap to clean fabric.
  6. Dip the cloth or sponge into your soap water solution and moisten the dirt laden region. Use light strokes as you increase the pressure for tuff stains. Ensure that the pressure is not damaging to the material.
  7. To remove any soap residue use some cool clean water and pat these regions till no foam appears. Leave the chair under a shade to dry, do not use it if it is still moist from the cleaning.
  8. If your chair has a speaker and massage system, care should be taken while cleaning these regions. Do not allow any water to trickle into their compartments and if you can, use a hand vacuum to suction the dirt and dust.


Sad to say, many gamers are oblivious of the qualities of the best gaming chair. Some opt to use office chairs just to meet their comfort cravings. While these chairs are good for other activities on a computer, they are not built to favor the different gaming styles and postures.

Experience healthy gaming and take this leisurely practice to top levels. We have compiled this buying guide as a means to help you choose the best gaming chair that complements your gaming system and delivers your much sort after experience.

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