Best Gaming Laptop under 1000 For 2018

Best Gaming Laptop under 1000

Did you know with just under 1000 you can buy a gaming laptop with all desirable features. Well, we have listed 10 gaming laptops here.  You will not miss your best gaming laptop under 1000.

Gaming computers and in particular, gaming laptops made their entry into the computing world in the 1990s. This category of computers is designed to handle modern computerized games. These computers are built with a general design that is fairly comparable to the typical computer however they operate with high performance technology that incorporates the use of a video card.

The average gaming laptop should consists of:

  • Powerful Processor
  • Graphics card
  • Motherboard
  • Good Memory
  • Solid state drive
  • Power supply units
  • Computer case

Top 10 Best Gaming Laptop under 1000

Due to their high performance processors and graphics, gaming laptops have for long been considered pricier compared to other laptop categories. The high price tag initially idealized them as luxury gadgets and most gamers who could not afford them resorted to building their gaming PC’s instead. This cheaper option stirred a competitive trend within the gaming world which led to some gaming laptop manufacturers creating lesser priced laptops to meet the low and mid-price market. There are many laptop manufacturers that have captivated gamers by providing gaming laptops with superb specs at an affordable price which is well under the $1000 range. Below is a compiled list of the best-selling gaming laptops under 1000 for 2018.

1.ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH71– Best gaming laptop under 1000

Asus remains a reputable company in creating high performance laptops and in this case they bag the prize for the top gaming laptop. The laptop’s general design is similar to other ASUS ROG models however the features differ in many ways.

Best known for its speed and intelligence, this laptop uses the Intel Core i7 (6th Gen) 6700HQ / 2.6 GHz processor. 2.6GHz is some fair workable gaming speed but if it is not enough it can be upgraded to a Max Turbo speed of 3.5GHz. The processor also has Quad-Core with 6mb cache, mobile Intel HM170 and 64 bit computing.

When we talk memory, the RAM Space, speed verses technology is on point. For current games 32GB and 16 GB RAM is workable. Not enough space for other high performance tasks but for your gaming it sure is a good start. Again let’s not forget its memory speed of 2133MHz/PC4-17000 and the RAM speed of 2133MHz. The technology used on both the memory and RAM is DDR4 SDRAM. The Hard drive is equally spacious to allow maximum expansion. Although the manufacturer dint want to venture in a solid state drive for this particular make, they offers an impressive HDD with 1TB capacity and 7200 rpm spindle speed.

Two things that will heighten your gaming experience are its video graphics and audio verses the operating system. The OS is very current, think of the experience while playing games such as Resident Evil 7 and player run battleground.

Gamefirst 4 technology is the latest big deal but we leave it for laptops on the 2000usd radar. Having our budget in mind, Gamefirst 3 is a good deal and we can bet it doesn’t disappoint.

The laptop also supports current games compatible to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M – 2 GB GDDR5 SDRAM graphics processor.  Its Audio is by ASUS Bang & Olufsen ICEpower, ASUS ROG AudioWizard, ASUS SonicMaster and it also comes complete with an integrated webcam, microphone and speakers.

Other aspects to look into are its miscellaneous features which do count if you are basing your decision on a laptop’s main features verses any extra innovation by the manufacturer. The laptop weighs 5.6lbs and has a width of 15.1 inches, height of 1.4 inches and depth of 10.1 inches. The main board features the Mobile Intel HM170 chipset. Its screen resolution is 1920 by 1080 whereas its Battery life is 48hrs. The manufacturer also offers a 1 year warranty for this laptop.

  • Efficient battery life
  • Powerful CPU and GPU
  • Comfortable keyboard rest
  • Very little RAM storage/ space


2.  Acer Aspire VX5-591G-75RM -15.6-inch laptop

Acer Aspire VX5-591G is one gaming laptop/notebook that puts gamers in control of their gaming experience. The processors, operating system and customizable features deliver variety to gamers something very rare in gaming laptops under $1000. When compared to competitor brands, this laptop’s general appearance is slightly larger however when carried, its weight is 5.5 pounds which makes it a lighter option.  It also features a hard edge futuristic design built to deliver optimum comfort and performance.

 2nd in the list although the first in line to feature with its very powerful 7th generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad Core processor which has speeds of up to 3.8GHz. Like the Asus ROG, gamers will have to make use of its slightly limiting RAM memory (16GB to 32GB) of DDR4.  This laptop is built for SSD storage however the manufacturers were keen to make some allowance by offering a 2.5 inch HDD user upgradable SSD memory of 256GB.

 It’s CPU is the current Windows 10 Home processor whereas its GPU/ video graphics processor is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti which is quite commendable. The graphics card also flosses some 4GB of dedicated GDDR5 RAM.  The laptop is an all round ensemble of Acer technology, the audio is by Acer TrueHarmony and Dolby Audio Premium furthermore its 2 speakers deliver some powerful surround sound. Other additional features that are an add-on to its efficiency are: 15.6” screen with 1920× 1080 Full HD resolution, touch pad, backlit keyboard, webcam ( 1280×720) andIntel® HM175 chipset.

  • Powerful CPU and GPU
  • Responsive keyboard
  • Strong speakers
  • General design that is comfortable for use during long gaming periods
  • Short and limited warranty
  • Short battery life
  • Very little memory


3.  HP Pavilion 15t-X7P42AV– Best Gaming laptop Under 1100

This gaming laptop is the second notebook to bag a top spot in our list and from the look of things it appears that notebooks are the next big deal in this category. HP is a recognized brand and it shouldn’t be hard for this gaming notebook to penetrate the market. It is part of HP pavilion’s incarnation of 15 series and the most current with its powerful i7 Quad Core processor and discrete graphics card.

As mentioned, its CPU is very powerful and one fit to compete with other gaming laptops under $1000. The processor here is the Intel Core i7-7700HQ with fast speeds of 2.8GHz-3.8G. Its memory features 16GB’s of RAM that can be upgraded by the user at any time. As part of storage, the laptop comes with dual drive memory option that is an SSD and HDD. Both drives offer bigger memory options, the HDD features 1 TB with 5400rpm whereas the SSD is 256GB.

Having a powerful CPU together with its Windows 10 home 64bit OS and the efficient NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU are 3 blended features ideal for current games.

A miscellaneous feature but of equal importance is the laptop’s keyboard which is full island style and backlit. The 13 year warranty is also a commendable feature giving buyers more confidence in their investment. The weight is 4.8 pounds and its 17.3” anti-glare screen has a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

  • Dual drive options give plenty of memory options
  • Fast and efficient CPU and GPU
  • The general appearance has a pleasing design

Quite light

  • Speakers are weak with poor bass
  • Short battery life


4. MSI GP72X Leopard-667 (i7-7700HQ– Gaming Laptop under 1200

MSI GP72X Leopard-667 (i7-7700HQ is a new entry in our top 10 list. Other than the common manufacturers such as Asus, HP and Acer that we are used to MSI has managed to impress many with their GP72 7RD (Leopard) gaming series. Its powerful Kabylake processor, memory and splendid technology deserve thumbs up and better still gamers enjoy an appraisable gaming experience.

This laptop features a Kabylake Core i7-7700HQ+HM175 CPU processor with speeds of 2.8GHz-3.8GHz. Kabylake processors are best known for their fast speeds and looking at the 2.8-3.8GHz bracket you can expect no disappointment in performance.

Its16GB RAM memory with speeds of 2,400MHz DDR4 doesn’t fall far off when compared to its predecessors in the list. This laptop also has a dual drive option. The HDD is 1TB whereas the SSD is 256GB.

Dive into some realistic graphics with the laptop’s powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (2GB GDDR5).The audio is by Nahimic Audio Enhancer/software which delivers immersive virtual 7.1 high definition sound. The laptop uses the Windows 10 64bit OS. In addition to its basic features, the laptop also has some impressive miscellaneous features. It’s built with 17.3” FHD Anti-glare screen, 1,920 x 1,080 TN screen resolution, HD web camera and a 2 year warranty.

  • Delivers a superb 1080p gaming experience
  • Very fast CPU and GPU
  • On point trackpad and keyboard
  • Less impressive screen
  • Very short warranty


5.  Dell Inspiron i7559-3762GRY

The matte black and gray color combo in this dell Inspiron gaming laptop/notebook showcases a somber touch of elegance. Its 15.6 inches display i5 6300HQ-2.3GHz processor and intelligent Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M with 4GB GDDR5 graphics are some inclusive qualities that any gamer would want hands on.

The 8GB of DDR3L SDRAM is a limiting factor however gamers can still make use of its 1TB 5400RPM Hybrid Hard drive with 8GB embedded flash cache. Present gaming requires a current OS and what better than the Windows 10 Home. Other innovative features are its 3, 3.0 USB ports and touch screen.

  • Impressively lightweight
  • Easily upgradable
  • Beautiful design
  • Very little RAM


6.  Lenovo Ideapad 510

Lenovo Ideapad 50 delivers great multimedia experience with its top notch graphics and excellent audio. This particular laptop has specs that do not limit it to gaming only; you can also make use of its powerful processors to multitask. The laptop flosses its 6th generation Intel Core i7-6500 CPU processor with excellent speeds of up to 2.5GHz

The memory and storage options available for this laptop are 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM and1TB HDD. Its high performance supports the Windows 10 Home OS and its GPU and audio are the Intel HD graphics 520 with JBL stereo speakers and Dolby Advanced Audio. Some miscellaneous features to heighten your gaming experience are: LED anti-glare screen, 3D webcam, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4 in 1 card reader plus a variety of USB ports.

  • Its audio is very powerful
  • Solid and stylish keyboard
  • Great for multitasking
  • Hard drive is slow
  • Limited battery life


7.  MSI GE72 APACHE 264

The customizable features on this laptop make its gaming performance superb! Modern games run smoothly on this computer however the user needs to reduce the settings on games such as Ryse: Son of Rome and Assassin’s Creed.  The CPU runs on the 4th generation Intel Core i7 4720HQ Dual Core processor with speeds of up to 2.6GHz. Its Max Turbo speed allows a heightened level of up to 3.6GHz. Its GPU is Intel HD Graphics 4600-2GB GDDR5 SD RAM/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M whereas the Audio features Nahimic sound technology and Dynaudio Premium Sound. Its Memory is16GB DDR3L SD RAM with speeds of 1600MHz/PC3-12800 and its storage option is1TB HDD with 7200 rpm spindle speed. Unlike the top 5, this laptop uses the Windows 8.1OS which is not very current but a workable option.

Some additional features that make it outstanding are: SteelSeries gaming keyboard, cooler boost 3 technology, Bluetooth, Ethernet, wireless, 2 in 1 SD card reader and USB ports.

  • Excellent gaming and application performance
  • Wonderful display
  • Good battery life
  • Its Matte FHD panel has strong contrast
  • Good connectivity
  • Two fans emit a lot of system noise
  • High levels of power consumption


8.  Alienware 13 Inch Gaming Laptop

Best Gaming Laptop under 1000Alienware 13 is one chunky laptop but who minds the extra clumsy weight if the laptop delivers powerful and precise gaming? Its compactness allows users to play AAA games not forgetting its vast wealth in as far as customization options are concerned. This laptop features two CPU processor options depending on the users taste. Gamers can choose between the Quad-core Core i5-7300HQ and i7-7700HQ Kabylake processors. Also available are 3 GPU options, gamers can choose between Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, 2GB DDR5/1050 Ti, 4GB DDR5 and 1060, 6GB DDR5. Its Windows 10 Home OS, 16GB or RAM memory and 1 TB SSD Storage space are an optimum fit for high gaming performance.

Its other outstanding features are: TactX keyboard and OLED/IPS 13.3 Screen.

  • Keyboard is strong and it looks great too
  • CPU and graphics processors are very powerful
  • Its OLED screen looks very beautiful
  • Very heavy and chunky


9.  GIGABYTE P15FV5-NE1-Best Gaming Laptop Below 1500

Best Gaming Laptop under 1000GIGABYTE P15FV5-NE1 is one powerful laptop for all budget minded fellows. It is one of the best selling gaming laptops under 1000 with a sleek design toppled by powerful and cogent hardware. The laptop delivers a blend of high performance and efficiency with its 6th generation i7-6700HQ-2.6GHz processor which is second best to the 7th generation i7and very powerful. The OS is Windows 10 Home. Its GPU and audio are Discrete Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M with 2GB memory. 2 sound blaster cinema speakers. 8GB RAM is the available memory however users get to enjoy two storage options in this gaming laptop. 1 is its 1000 HDD 5400 drive and 2 its 128GB SSD.

Some extra innovations are: Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet connection, HD camera and 9 in 1 card reader

  • Its maintenance is easy
  • Efficient processor
  • SSD storage is limited


10.  Medion Erazer P7647

Best Gaming Laptop under 1000










If you are searching for a machine that meets both your power and performance needs, you can choose this Medion Erazer gaming laptop. It has decent features at an absolutely affordable price under 1000. Some top features are its fairly impressive 7th generation core i7 processor which is the newest. This i7 processor flosses speeds of 2.7GHz-3.5GHz. it has 16GB of RAM and dual drive storage options. The 1TB HDD is an inexhaustible option plus if you do get to exhaust it, you can work with an additional 256GB SSD.

The OS is Windows 10 Home and its GPU is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 950m 4G GDDR, a workable graphics powerhouse, but not very efficient for many current games.

Some of its notable miscellaneous features are HD webcam, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and multi card reader.

  • Very affordable
  • Has an impressive RAM
  • Comes with a HDD and SSD
  • Its general design is good
  • Poor graphics
  • Its battery life is too short


With their fast processors, RAM and excellent video graphics, gaming laptops have become a favorite to many gamers. These features plus a host of many other attributes have made them highly sought after and with the fame follows the high price tags from most gaming laptop manufacturers. If you are a budget minded person you can choose a laptop from our list. All these gaming laptops under 1000 were selected from reputable manufacturers who have in many ways impressed gamers with their tech products especially in the computing realm.

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