Best GPS Tracker for Car 2017- In-depth Buying Guide.

Discovering that your car is missing might cause you to panic, but if you own the best GPS tracker 2018 for car, then you’re in good hands.

And, if you own a business and you want to make sure that your products are transported successfully, then a GPS Tracking device will do the trick.

However, finding the best GPS Tracker for Car can be daunting. This is because of the many trackers available out there. You would definitely want to ensure that you get the best option out there.

The best GPS tracker for car is one that will meet your needs and requirements. We created this review and buying guide, to make things easier for you, and to help you save your time.

1. RedSun Car Best GPS Tracker System

Best GPS Tracker for Car 2017If you are searching for a quality GPS tracking device for your vehicle, RedSun Car GPS Tracker System is a good option that you can take into consideration. It is equipped with several notable features that make it a useful tool fool tracking your precious asset.

Features of the RedSun Car GPS Tracker System”

  • Track on Demand: Through this feature, whenever you request for information regarding the whereabouts of your vehicle, you can receive a text message of its current latitude, longitude, time and speed. The details also include an internet map link connected to your cellphone which will show exactly where the tracker is.
  • Stop the Engine Command: With this device, it is possible to send an SMS message to the GPS tracker to cut off battery power and gas. This will allow the engine to stay in an immobilized condition until the alarm status is lifted off.
  • Geo-fencing Control: As your vehicle moves within and outside the current scope, the assigned phone numbers connected to it will receive an SMS alarm.
  • Speed and Movement Alarm: This GPS tracker can provide you a warning through an SMS message when the vehicle is moving from a stationary condition, or when it is moving faster compared to the speed for which it has been pre-set.
  • Fuel Alarm: This tracker will also send you a notification through SMS message when the vehicle’s fuel consumption goes above the normal standards while driving, or if there is detected oil leakage or theft when the vehicle is not moving.
  •  Accurate date provided
  • Package comes with user manual
  • Multi-area management
  • Real-time tracking
  • Installation instructions may be complicated for first timers

2. Zeeshy Realtime Best GPS Tracker 2017

Having control over the location of your vehicle is one aspect that needs attention. For this, you need a professional grade GPS tracking device that can help you locate your vehicle accordingly. Zeeshy Realtime best GPS Tracker gives you this capability with its valuable features.

Features of Zeeshy Realtime GPS Tracker

  • Two Sim Cards: The GPS tracker will turn on automatically for another one when there is no balance with the other SIM card.
  • Over the Air Updates: The updates can be received through SMS message. The software connected to the website is also updated from time to time.
  • Continuous Breakpoint: Despite any possible GPRS signal disconnection, the data will be automatically saved to the SD card. Later on, it will be sent automatically to the platform when the signal comes back.
  • Traffic Mode: When the device is moved, GPS alarm is sent to the monitoring platform, as well as the connected mobile phone. In a stationary status, the device will automatically go to sleep to save power.
  • No need to pay monthly service fees/other fees
  • Comes with external antenna
  • Real-time tracking
  • Different alarm notifications
  • 18 months free warranty
  • SIM card should only be under the GSM network

3. VYNCSMO GSM/GPRS OBD Best GPS Tracker for Car

VYNCSMO is a name which is known in the industry of GPS tracking. The company runs using the latest technologies available. This car GPS tracker is also equipped with different features that can ensure safety tracking of your vehicle/fleet.

Features of the VYNCSMO GSM/GPRS OBD Tracker

  • 50 States Coverage: This GPS tracker works in tracking all 50 states, including other territories such as the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, as well as Canada.
  • Roadside Assistance: If ever you would need assistance during emergency situations, such as towing, fuel delivery, flat tire, battery service, winching, lockouts, you can avail of the Roadside Assistance through this GPS tracker.
  • Zone notification: You can receive zone notifications through SMS, as well as other alerts through email and SMS. Data includes zone departure, arrival notifications, driving score, as well as trip history.
  • No contract required
  • 1 year data history
  • Offers feedback regarding unsafe driving
  • Includes reminders for vehicle maintenance
  • Personal details required (not optional)

4. CARLOCK – Advanced Real Time Car Tracker & Alert System

Best GPS Tracker for CarLooking for a car GPS tracker which does not just serve as an alarm, but a real-time tracking system which can help you monitor your vehicle while alerting you of any suspicious activity? The Advanced Real Time Car Tracker & Alert System from CarLock is a good option to consider.

Advanced Real Time Car Best GPS Tracker Features

  • Carjacking Awareness: This GPS tracking device monitors and alerts you using your phone whenever your car is moved if there is any unusual movement or vibration detected, or when the engine starts without you controlling it. It will also send an alarm if the device is disconnected. Despite its size, it can be effortlessly connected to your car’s OBD port.
  • Teenager/Second-Driver Insight: This GPS tracker works in tracking any harsh acceleration, sharp cornering as well as hard braking, giving the driver a safety score monthly. Low scores can indicate the possibility of drag racing, stunt driving, as well as other dangerous and reckless habits in driving.
  • Vehicle Health: Through this tracker, you can receive information regarding the health of your vehicle, alerting you well in advance for any unusual threat, such as when your car battery is running low, or if it is going through high battery drain.
  • Detailed Trip Tracking: Among the information you can track includes route history tracking, allowing you to review whether your driver went where they were meant to go. It monitors where the car has been, and whether it is currently going off course.
  • Money Back Guarantee: This device also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This is a guarantee provided by the manufacturer that the unit will certainly meet your expectations. If not, you have the option to return it with no extra charge at all.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Very affordable
  • Monitors teenager use
  • Gives peace of mind
  • Acts as virtual mechanic
  • Vibration sensor not sensitive enough

5. Car GPS/GSM/GPRS Tracking System- Waterproof Car Tracking System

A good GPS tracker for your vehicle is one that can provide you accurate information anytime you need it. This is something that this car GPS tracker from Lang Mao promises to offer. It is equipped with several features that are designed to complete the job.

Features of Car GPS Tracker

  • Multiple Location: This GPS tracking device can give you an alert of located error in less than 10 meters through LBS/GPS/GSM/GPRS position. Speed upgrade and positioning accuracy is claimed to be at 100%.
  • Three Modes: This tracker comes with three modes, including power saving mode, safe mode, as well as long standby mode. You can easily choose from these modes depending on the need in a situation.
  • Powerful Magnets: The magnets used in this car GPS tracker are powerful, which can be attached directly on any metal piece inside the car for convenience. As such, there is no need for any installation at all. Since it also comes in a small size, it can be placed anywhere discreetly.
  • Advanced ABS Material: This car GPS tracker is made out of advanced ABS material. It also comes with an added sealed waterproof rubber ring making the device shockproof and waterproof, capable of adapting to different harsh environments.
  • Individual safety tracking
  • Effective anti-theft tracking
  • Geo-fencing capabilities
  • Long lasting battery power
  • Not suitable for CDMA phones

6. MOTO safety OBD GPS Tracker with 3G GPS Service Locator

MOTOsafety is a GPS tracker which also doubles as a teen driving coach. Therefore, if you are looking for a tracker that offers both capabilities, this is the best option to consider. Besides these primary features, there are other offers as well.

MOTO safety OBD GPS Tracker Features

  • Daily Report Card: With this tracker, you can have access to the driver’s report card which scores and tallies the driving results for the day. This is beneficial if you need to present a document to your insurance company to avail of discounts.
  • Route Replay: With this feature, you can review the entire driving route taken by the car during the day. You can also note the specific risky driving events which occurred. This is helpful for parents who are tracking their teen driver’s activities.
  • Geofence Capability: Through this GPS tracker, you will know when the car enters and exits certain locations that you have already pre-identified on your map. The Geofence can be a workplace, school, or another person’s house. These mapped addresses will serve as a virtual boundary on the map.
  • Mobile APP: This tracker comes with a downloadable mobile app for free. With the app, you can have access to real-time updates regarding the location of your teen, alerting straight right into your mobile phone. This app is available for both iOS and Android.
  • Effective tracker for speed, direction, traffic and location
  • Relatively affordable
  • Comes with a complete teen driving course
  • Equipped with a free dedicated app
  • The acceleration alerts are quite sensitive
  • May be limited relatively in function

7. Anysun Best GPS Tracker  for Car Tk103b

Safety for your vehicle and the one driving it should be given utmost importance in any case. For this, having a highly qualified car GPS tracker is very helpful. One option that you can take into consideration is the Anysun Vehicle Car GPS Tracker Tk103b which is equipped with several features to do the job.

Features & Specifications

  • Web/PC based Software: This tracker is equipped with a web-based and PC-based software along with other features such as Geofence.
  • Support Orientation: This feature allows this tracker to find out the device’s real-time data on longitude and latitude. Other data tracked using this feature includes speed and time.
  • Wide Applications: There are several applications offered by this tracker, including personnel management, covert criminal tracking, phone tracking, and multi-language website tracking.
  • Movement Alert: This feature allows you to setup barriers whenever the vehicle is not moving. When it does, it will provide an alarm to the number that is authorized.
  • Over Speed Alarm: With this alert, you can make sure that the vehicle on target will only run according to a preset and fixed speed. Whenever the speed exceeds it, you will receive an alarm.
  • Multi-function and capabilities
  • Web-based software included
  • Equipped with a movement alert feature
  • Battery alarm
  • SIM cards are not included.
  • Some issues with GPS accuracy

8. VTPlug 3GGPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker– Real Time Online

With VTPlug 3G GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker- Real Time Online, you can expect a tracking device which allows you to track and determine the exact whereabouts of your vehicle. It also comes with several other features that make it a good choice for you.

VTPlug 3G GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker Features

  • 24 x 7 GPS Tracking: With this device, be assured of round-the-clock GPS tracking online. Data history is also stored for 30 days.
  • Easy Installation Option: This device can be plugged into the OBD-II of the vehicle. This means that you do not have to deal with wirings and other complicated connections. You can also easily switch it between vehicles.
  • Pay as you go
  • No auto-billing needed
  • No hidden/cancellation fees
  • Real time tracking online
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cannot be accessed without any subscription

9.ABLEGRID RealTime GPS Tracker

This K102 GPS tracking device is an accurate and solid option for a vehicle tracking unit. It depends on sending SMS alerts with coordinates that are time-stamped. There are several features offered by this device, allowing it to perform what is expected out of it.

Features of ABLEGRID RealTime GPS Tracker

  • Tracking Features: To use the tracking feature of this device, you need to call the tracker first using your mobile phone, and you will get a time-and-date stamped messaged with the coordinates of the tracker. If you have a smartphone connected, you can also see a map with the location.
  • Battery Life: The battery of this device lasts for 96 hours in standby mode, even though battery performance highly depends on the frequency of update on status and location.
  • SIM Card Activation: To use this tracker, you need to separately purchase a SIM card, activating it with your mobile carrier. The user manual will explain the details for activation.
  • Accurate location report
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Monitors other drivers using the vehicle
  • Lacking help and support features

10. TrackmateGPS’s affordable – MINI – tracker

Looking for an affordable option on the best GPS tracker device? Include TrackmateGPS’s affordable – MINI – tracker in your list of choices. It is a combination of affordability and portability in one. Don’t let its size fool you, though. It comes with several features that make it a standout option.

Features of the TrackmateGPS’s affordable tracker

  • Indicator LED Lights: This feature displays the current status of the device, allowing you to see it easily.
  • TrackmateGPS Top Rated Support: The company offers highly competitive plants which are as affordable as $9/month. There are four other choices of monthly plans. Details of the plan are available at the official website of the company.
  • Multi-Vehicle Use: This GPS tracking device can be mounted on other types of vehicles aside from cars, including trains, boats, irrigation sprinklers, generators, buoys, golf carts and others.
  • Real time tracking
  • Customized plans available
  • User-friendly reports
  • Vehicle maintenance records included
  • 2G Device

Best GPS Tracker for Car Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting the best GPS tracker for car, there are some features that you need to take into consideration. Here are some of them:

1. Quality of Hardware

Best GPS tracker for cars are given a hardware quality score which gives consideration into the quality of material used, versatility, portability, charging port quality, button quality, ease of use, as well as port cover quality.

The best GPS trackers usually come with power blocks which can be plugged into a wall socket, thus allowing you to have better charging options. The quality of hardware is one thing that you need to look into when selecting a vehicle GPS tracker.

2. Availability of Other Features

Certain Best GPS tracker come with features that are useful. Among them are panic buttons, as well as 2-way voice-to-voice calling. This allows the carrier to contact a preset number by simply pressing on a button found on the device.

There are also tracker models that come with panic buttons that can trigger an email or text message alert, sending it to an email address, or number that has been predetermined. The features are particularly useful if the person holding the tracker does not have access to a phone.

3. International Use

If you are expecting to track a vehicle that needs to travel international, a GPS tracker that can be used internationally is the best option to consider. After all, the easiest place to get lost is in an unfamiliar territory.

4. Design, Durability and Ease of Use

It is also important to consider the design of the tracker. The best devices are those that use only a few buttons, including important features such as a panic button. If the tracker comes with a digital display, it should be equipped with a limited set of helpful functions, all labeled in a font that is legible.

5. Covert Feature

One of the most important considerations that you need to look into is whether you would like other people to know that you are utilizing one on a car. Covert devices are used commonly among private investigators and law enforcement officials. Some employers and parents also use this type of device for tracking.

6. Reporting Needs

Reporting needs includes identifying how often you want your tracking device to report the location of the car that you are tracking. GPS devices that are connected to a tracking software have the capability to report in certain intervals depending on your preference. By identifying your ideal reporting pattern, you can choose a device that can meet your particular needs.

Your option on the best GPS tracker for car should also be dependent on your actual needs and preferences. The reviews above will only serve as a guide, but the ultimate decision still depends on you. It is recommended, therefore, that you list down the features that you would like to see in a GPS tracking device and compare it with the features presented above. In this way, you can come up with a well-informed decision before actual purchase.[/thrive_custom_box]

Wrap Up..

After reading the reviews on different Best GPS tracker options, you are now equipped with knowledge on which unit to choose. Per our recommendations, CARLOCK – Advanced Real Time Car Tracker & Alert System is the best GPS tracker for car. Aside from serving as a GPS tracking device, it also serves as an anti-theft device. It also works better than an alarm, but a real-time system that can monitor your vehicle, while alerting you of any suspicious activity even though you are far.

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