Best tablet for college 2018 Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best tablet for college?

We all love tablets because they are portable

Portability is one ergonomic feature that sets tablets apart as unique computing gadgets. They are smaller than laptops and desktop computers however they are bigger than the average smart phones.

The average tablet dimensions are 7.5”-9.8” for the height and 7” to 10” for the screen height. Laptops and desktops have a bigger height and screen dimension while smart phone lie within the smaller figures let’s say 5” and below.

Other than portability, there are many more reasons why people choose tablets over other computing gadgets. The tablet’s touch screen is wider and longer in length than the smartphone. As smaller computing gadget keep emerging, it may be a hustle for people with sight problems to actually decipher fonts from these devices.

A tablet is an averagely built gadget that can favor people with sight issues furthermore you can adjust the font to whatever size that suits you. Aesthetic value is another reason why tablets remain a sweetheart to many people. The fashion look that comes with a Samsung Galaxy note or an Apple iPad is priceless, show up at a business meeting with your tablet and get that sophisticated look that means business.

As opposed to Smartphones tablets made a slow entry into the mainstream world but we must agree that they are very convenient yet portable computing gadgets. Carry your tablet with you everywhere you go and capture some moments with its camera, use its apps to get some work done or even better type whatever you need via its word application and store it there for future use. At a time when writing and jotting down stuff is slowly becoming outdated, you can join the transition, throw away the bulky notebooks and messy pens and store whatever you want stored in your tablet.

Top 10 best tablets for college

1.ASUS Transformer Mini 10.1-Best tablet for college

We thought it wise to give this top spot to an above average performer such as ASUS Transformer Mini which is an incredible 2in1 convertible tablet. Enjoy stress free typing through its ergonomically designed keypad and for what it’s worth, it sits perfectly like a mini laptop only this time we know it’s a tablet.

Its compact form factor and solid design have made this tablet a global top seller retailing at £148.45 which is roughly $200. This price has dropped significantly from its original $399 but all 3 figures give a fair deal if you were hoping to land a low budget mini laptop but you and you come across this stylish convertible instead.

A key stunning feature is its 10.1” 1280×800 pxl IPS screen which is almost equal to that of a mini laptop. The keyboard is also detachable and you can easily switch from the laptop position to surface at one go. Looking at its inward and outward features, the transformer mini has what it takes to compete with high end hybrid rivals such as the Microsoft Surface Pro and the low end ones.

This ASUS tablet maintains a general design and looks much like its predecessor and first original transformer tablet which was all the craze in most tech reviews sites way back in 2011. It has a sturdy feel while its core hinge is made of strong metal. The rest of the tablet’s outer hardware is plastic with a front plastic covering.

It has an average battery life that can last you some good 17 hours without charging. The laptop runs on the windows OS, NVIDIA Tegra 4 QuadCore ARM Cortex with 72 core GeForce graphics processor which is excellent for gaming however, the gaming performance trickles with time as the battery life shortens during lengthy gaming.

The tablet has no GSM slot for phone connection which means users have to go Wi-Fi only for their data connection. This to many is a disadvantage but a select few have learnt to overlook this shortcoming and concentrate on the device’s strong features. We must mention that its Supernote applications are some of the best in information taking especially notes.

  • Budget friendly tablet/mini laptop
  • Adaptable hybrid design
  • Fast 64-bit processor
  • Great graphic processor
  • Quality surround sound
  • Efficient battery life
  • Poor gaming performance
  • No GSM slot

Our verdict

Sourcing a good and affordable hybrid can be a hustle if you are on a budget however ASUS introduces the transformer mini 10.1 which meets our laptop/tablet needs halfway.

2.  Microsoft Surface Pro 4-2nd best tablet for college

Shopping online, you will come across some competitive prices for the Surface Pro 4 ranging between $599-$799. Although the prices differ in most tech outlets, one conclusion we can draw is that it is indeed a 2in1/ hybrid convertible on the pricier end. Being a Microsoft device, it would work well for students due to its reliable office applications however the hefty price tag may require a little appraisal on your allowance for you to save and buy it.

The Surface Pro has a lavish design that suits a trendy wave. This design earned it some global recognition and awards ever since it was launched globally. It has a compact build with beastly specifications and an equally satisfying ergonomic form factor.

Here’s a quick run through of its outstanding specs as mentioned earlier: tablet available in 2 processor options (Intel i5 and i7) both 2.2GHz Intel Core M processors. Its storage capacity is 4GB worth of RAM and an extra 128GB of flash solid state memory. Looking at its software it is run by the windows 10 Pro which is described by tech reviewers as the most productive OS of all time.

Working on this tablet is more fun than strenuous thanks to its 12.3” pixel sense screen which has a low glare and extreme contrast that is friendly to the users eyes.

  • Efficient surface pen
  • Has an improved type cover
  • Larger and sharper screen
  • Type cover sold separately
  • Uses entry level Intel Core M3

Our verdict

A great choice for quick computing and multitasking on the go the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 elevates the nature of computing convenience and acts as a pace setter in the tablet realm.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A-8”-3rd best tablet for college

There’s just something about the Samsung tablet that college students can’t get enough of. Other than being the most affordable brand in the brood, they are also easy to use and very convenient. Retailing at £230 which is roughly $229 this 8” tablet delivers the average computing convenience that most people seek.

Being well known for their branding in smartphones and tablets Samsung have managed to stay aloof despite a few years worth of troubling history with some of its products. They are a trend setter in the game and although they do not churn out products meant to last us a lifetime of service we must agree that they pleasantly serve their purpose.

The tablet runs on the latest android version which is Google’s OS, its TouchWiz interface is very user friendly and features a whole load of software perks such as pre-installed Microsoft Office apps and an in-app bonus games such as Pac man friends and Hobbit:

Kingdoms. Looking at everything the tab A has to offer, it appears that its value is not on the outward appearance but what it offers from the inside. Other than its wide range of software and in-apps, it also comes with free limited subscriptions to publications such as The Economist, New York Times and many more.

From the outside, its build feels rather cheap with plastic endowment. Plastic is Samsung’s M.O for building averagely affordable products however we give them a 2/5 for producing a much sort after tech gadget in a flimsy, less durable and cheap material. Away from the material though, we must commend them for assembling the trendy tab A which is a compact sized, thin and light weight tablet meeting most if not all comfy user needs.

Its dimensions (W8.2”xH5.4”x D0.29”) give it the impression of a big tablet which is thin enough to fit into your palms. It has rounded edges that are easy to grip and an equally smooth back panel that sits comfortably against your fingertips.

Its versatile features deserve thumbs up. Find the power button with the volume control rocker on the top right edge and below it a micro SD card slot. A single speaker is placed at the bottom and next to it you’ll find the headphone jerk and Micro-USB port.

Its hardware includes: 1.2GHZ quad-core Qualcomm snapdragon CPU, 16GB internal storage, 1.5GB RAM and a 128GB expandable micro SD card slot.

  • Incredibly thin and sleek design
  • Very affordable
  • Plenty of software perks and apps
  • Has various free limited and trial subscriptions
  • Flimsy and cheap plastic cover
  • Poor graphics score
  • Rare camera has lackluster color saturation that is very disappointing

Our verdict

Apart from being cheaply affordable to the average student, the plenty of apps available especially Microsoft Office is what makes it part of our top choices for best tablet for college. Its input and output features are also on point and you can always work on your tab and retrieve the content for future use.

4. Apple IPad Air 2–4th best tablet for college

Everything about this tablet, from its design, performance and features speaks excellence all through. Some of you may say, “oh well, it’s expected of Apple devices…” but looking at the many Apple tablet models, none compares to the iPad Air 2. In most tech stores, various models of this tablet retails from anything between $289-$429. When compared to iPad Pro 9.7 and Pro 12.9, the Air 2 is much cheaper whilst boasting top notch convenience.

The first iPad Air was a masterpiece and when Apple announced that they were improving on this discontinued product it was hard to imagine how they were going to revive it. Air 2 is thinner, lighter and flosses a better screen.

The top layers that make up its screen are compactly placed to ensure that there is zero air in between the LCD touch and the digitizer. We must agree that the logic behind the screen layers placement was worth it because what users get to enjoy is a more colorful and brighter less reflective screen.

Air 2 is a Wi-Fi only device with 4G internet, the cheapest models comes with 16GB memory then there’s the average priced 32GB model and the highly priced $629 128GB one. With all these variable specs, we must agree that the Air 2 is an economy packed tablet built to suit a range of budgets.

The major shortcoming is that Apple does not retail it directly from their stores so buyers will have to buy in from select vendors around the world.

When it come to slim compactness the Air 2 delivers this features perfectly and you can even handle it for hours without tiring.

  • Weight and size are greatly balanced
  • Bright display
  • Interface includes split screen apps
  • Its iOS 11 works perfectly
  • 16GB is very little storage
  • Its single speaker isn’t loud enough

Our verdict

Over looking its high price tag, we must say that the Apple iPad Air 2 delivers great value for money. Its stylish design and compact build gives it a loyal following amongst users who are not only after lasting service but sentimental value as well.

5. Google Nexus 9-5th best tablet for college

Google Nexus 9 is one tablet designed to multitask between work and play. This is something you rarely get in most tech gadgets considering that there are different specs that suit each activity. For a tablet to blend in and deliver precise gaming as well as step up and bridge the workstation gap then it must be a performance oriented device.

Built and powered by 64 bit processors which are a premium powerhouse for heavy activities on devices this tablet can deliver up to 10 hours an interrupted gaming. Nexus 9 also features both Wi-Fi and Gsm connectivity which is an added bonus since users get to enjoy voice calls as well as internet connection with ease.

Its total device integration is also a dependable feature which delivers in tune mobile accessibility to over a million apps. The design features an 8.9” screen and front facing speakers which produce some rich audio and music. Its software build up also allows automatic updates for the available apps.

Here are some of its cutting edge specs: its dimensions are as follows, L228.25xW153.68xB7.95mm. Its platform is Android 5.0 lollipop, CPU is the 64bit NVIIDIA Tegra K1 Dual Denver with speeds of 2.3GHz. Gsm networks supported are 2G/2.5G Edge/Gsm/Gprs at speeds of 850/900/1800/1900 MHz respectively, 3G-WCDMA with speeds of 850/900 AWS/1900/2100 MHz up to 42mbps with HSPA+, 4G LTE: Bands 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,20. Total storage available is 16/32GB with 2GB RAM.

Connectivity avenues available are: 3.5mm stereo audio jack NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, micro USB 2.0 port and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 ac, 2×2 MIMO.

Other than these main features highlighted above the Google Nexus 9 also has an 8MP main camera and 16MP front camera. Its battery capacity is 6700mAh supporting up to 9.5 hours of uninterrupted video playback and internet usage.

  • Thin and lightweight design
  • Built for multitasking purpose
  • Plenty of apps supported
  • Powerful processors built for high performance
  • GSM and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Good audio
  • Very pricey
  • Display quality is subpar
  • No micro SD slot

Our verdict

At 5th place, we must say that Google Nexus 9 is the only tablet we have reviewed that surpasses this device’s ordinary expectations. It may be pricey, but what is that compared to the high performance benefits you will enjoy.

6. Apple IPad Mini 4

So, here’s the reality check surrounding the famed iPad Mini that most people don’t understand. When it comes to college, an iPad Mini tab is a must have if you want something bigger than an average smartphone yet small and sophisticated enough to suit your aesthetic craving. Its quality build has earned it a spot in most tablet tech reviews and for what’s its worth, Apple diehards have a better reason to smile due to its affordable price tag.

Retailing at £360 which is roughly $484 our take is that as college students you can easily save this amount through your side hustles and pocket money.

There are two versions of this tablet available, get done with memory issues with the 32GB one or if there isn’t much to store you can equip yourself with the version 16GB flash memory.

Color variants available for this iPad are Apple’s usual, grey, silver, white, black and gold. Unlike its predecessors, this tablet has a very fast and improved Apple iOS 7 processor all packed in a small compact body. It has no side switch which was often used to toggle the screen and lock it or easily switch to silent mode.

The fun fact is that this mini has replaced this traditional way of screen lock and now makes use of the swipe up and down feature. The volume buttons are no longer placed on the side rather they are now housed inside a little hollow much like the iPad Air 2.

As opposed to having stacked rows for speaker grills, this tablet has just 1 row of holes at the bottom. Apple also altered its size to 203x134x6.1mm making it slightly taller and thinner than its predecessor the iPad Mini 3. The display is also more advanced thanks to the new IPS-panel and you also get to enjoy 7.9” worth of screen made of scratch resistant glass.

  • Has a sleek tall and thin design
  • 16GB and 32GB memory variations
  • Sharp display due to its improved screen
  • Scratch resistant screen
  • The processors are old
  • Doesn’t have a 3D touch

Our verdict

Although its processors are old, they are fast enough to give you some good computing. The sleek design also makes it a good choice to carry around campus as you make use of its great app gallery.

7. Dell Venue 8 Pro 5855

Dell’s Venue 8 Pro is a tablet with a concept that inspires the modern day professional mind to reach for more success. Its specs are built with a refreshed approached intended to reach a millennial force with a craving to achieve more with today’s technology.

Being one out of many windows tablets, it has proved its worth by delivering the best of software apps. It’s been 2 years since its launch in January 2016 and the Venue 8 still continues to gather an impressive following.

Retailing for $499 or £373 it may appear as a pricier deal but if the specs are to be considered, users will surely enjoy having a tablet a workstation.

Having a 1920 pixel x 1200 pixel 8” display the phone delivers an averagely good output that is favorably good to the user’s eyes. Its measurements are: H9.45x W130x D216 plus it weighs 377.1gms. The CPU is powered by 2.24 Quad Core Intel Atom Z8500 processor which is pretty fast and responsive delivering high performance computing on the go.

Its 64GB internal storage can be expanded to 125GB by a micro SD card. Connectivity options available is a single (micro- sim), Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. On the camera end, Dell failed to impress us, we expected a powerhouse like this to be well rounded with a high megapixel front and back camera however they chose to equip it with a 2MP front camera and 5MP rear camera.

Its Windows 10 Pro operating system is what brands it as a choice Windows tablet with on the go customizable features.

  • Enough storage capacity
  • Very fast processor
  • Excellent display
  • Very light
  • Both rear and front camera are not packed with powerful megapixels
  • Poor battery life
  • No sensors

Our verdict

Students need to make use of the many pleasures a Windows 10 Pro tablet can deliver. When style meets performance what we get is a relatable gadget that quenches all if not most of our tech cravings.

8. Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung Galaxy book was much publicized before it was unveiled to the public. To Samsung’s surprise, this news took the world by storm and many curious minds could not wait to handle this convertible yet detachable tablet. Mention “The” Samsung Galaxy book and you are bound to cause a frenzy and capture a whole lot of attention.

Its design is very impressive and from its general look, we must commend Samsung for putting in some extra effort. Away from the plastic casings that we are fond of, Samsung actually used a durable material to create the Galaxy book’s housing. Users need not worry of accidental cracks here and there. Its all- round performance and multitasking capabilities is another plus one.

Working on this tablet is an effortless venture once you consider its software build up which includes the Windows 10 Home OS. Retailing at a starting price of $1,300/£971 the 12” tablet has a lovely full HD+ 2,160x 1,440 super AMOLED touchscreen. Its CPU is the 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7200U with 3MB cache of up to 3.1GHz.

Its GPU is the Intel HD graphics 620. Other features include 8GB RAM storage and 256GB SSD, 2x USB type C, headset jack, micro SD card reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.

  • Fast and responsive pen
  • Great screen display
  • Fast, efficient and strong performance
  • Accessories included
  • Battery life isn’t good
  • Keyboard isn’t sturdy enough and feels flimsy
  • Unless you power it down, it takes a long time to change

Our verdict

At a time when 2 in 1’s/ convertibles are all the fuss, it would do you good to equip yourself with one and in particular a Samsung Galaxy Book. It’s pricier but you will also enjoy superb performance that is worth every dime.

9. Fire HD 8

Fire HD 8 tablet gave Amazon lovers a reason to keep track of their services and products. If you have no problem dealing with what Amazon offers then you won’t have a problem with your tablet flossing apps such as Kindle. It’s a good deal for students too and they get access to millions of learning resources available on Amazons eBook platform.

Its performance is much faster compared to the previous version with more base storage and a powerful battery. Its 8” screen has a bright and powerful display furthermore music lovers have a reason to grove toward their favorite beats thanks to its equally powerful speakers.

The old version was way pricier but Amazon found away to give the public a better and improved device at half the price.

The Fire 8 made its public debut in 2016 and it was retailing for $90/£90, one year down the line, this price has been reduced to $80/£80 making it the cheapest tablet in our review. Some f its outstanding specs are: powerful 1280x 800 pixel screen, 16GB internal memory and an extra expandable memory of up to 256GB.

A 1.3GHz processor powers its CPU and its RAM is 1.5GB. Its battery can last users up to 12 hours uninterrupted mixed use.

  • Good value for money
  • Very loud speakers
  • Easy to use
  • Tablet focuses mostly on Amazon services and products
  • Subpar cameras
  • No native Google services or apps

Our verdict

The Fire 8 is a good option to peeps who are after a powerful activity oriented gadget. You can listen to music and watch your fav videos on its android platform additionally, its unlimited access to Amazon products is a plus and you will always be on the know in as far as what’s trending and what’s not.

10. Nextbook Flexx 9

Winding up our list is the Nextbook Flexx 9 which to us is a dirt cheap convertible tablet. Available for $139, this tablet has all what it takes to impress us with its 8.9” display, windows 10 OS and powerful Intel Atom Quad-Core.

The tablet also flosses a minimum 1GB RAM and 32GB built in storage. What we are reviewing is the smaller Windows 10 version however a slightly larger Windows 8.1 version with 2GB RAM is also available.

Its design and 3 blue, black and purple color choices is a break from the common black, white or silver tablets available. Some of its extra features are: USB 2.0 port, detachable keyboard, Bluetooth, micro SD card slot and Wi-Fi.

  • Solidly built
  • Very affordable
  • Powerful processor
  • Battery life is short
  • Touchpad and keyboard are tiny

Our verdict

A tablet that comes in two OS versions is an added advantage for diverse users hoping to perform variable tasks. You need not struggle with Windows 8.1 if your job requires and advanced platform like Win 10.

Why tablets are so important


The fact that tablets can be carried with ease is what makes them popular. Let’s look at it this way, perhaps you had some work you were doing on your laptop/ desktop and you so happened to store it on cloud storage, should a situation occur whereby this work is needed urgently and your machine is out of sight, you can easily retrieve this work via your tablet polish it and hand it in.

Easy to use

If you have familiarized yourself with laptops and Smartphones then using a tablet shouldn’t be much of a task. Just like other computing gadgets they have hardware and installed software. Different companies such as Apple churn out tablets with specific operating systems just to create a particular following for their products. This choice of operating their businesses should not surprise you, once you are familiar with their products you can easily blend in with their loyal crowd.

Quick computing

You really don’t need a laptop or desktop to get your assignments done, as far as we are concerned, whatever can be done on these machines can also be done on a tablet. Using a tablet doesn’t need you to sit in certain positions on the other hand, you can work on it while standing, sitting or sleeping.

They are cheaper

Laptops and desktops are very expensive, if it’s not a used/second hand machine we seldom have them in the market for $100 however in the same market you can get a variety of tablets available at this price or even lower.

Can be used in many sectors

Business people were the first to embrace the tablet, their response was very positive to the point where other societal sectors such as education have also embraced them. We have also come across some schools that are now encouraging students to equip themselves with a computing gadget preferably a tablet. The high price tag on laptops and computers is one reason why schools have resorted to stock their computer labs with the affordable and portable tablets.

Elevates the future of personal computing

If we look at the near future, we are predicting a period where every household member will want to own a computing device in the same manner people own smartphones. In a world where everything is run by technology, sharing tech gadgets will be very hectic. We will therefore have an option of everyone in the family owning a cheap tablet or undergoing the trauma of paying some extra $$$ for a laptop/desktop.

Communication on the go

Tablets have a Gsm slot where you can put your sim card and use it to make phone calls. You can also download your favorite messenger/chat apps such as Watsapp, Skype and Google hangouts to enjoy worldwide communication reach.

Bigger storage options

Due to their build, most smartphones have a storage capacity that is not equipped to carry very big files. Tablets on the other hand have a bigger storage and carrying capacity. With these big storage options you can download as many apps as you wan and enjoy unlimited file storage.

Efficient for graphics and digital art

Many people in the art and graphics sector have shared their positive views in as far as working on tablets is concerned. The fact that tablets have no angle limitation and can be laid flat on table top position is one versatile feature another is the use of a stylus pen to make drawings etc. These features have made this device very convenient and can be used in place of desktops and laptops.

They are easy to clean

Other than its screen and flat body, there really isn’t much to clean in a tablet. Just keep the screen clean or stain free and the body dry and dust free and you are good to go.

10 things to consider while looking for the best tablet for college

In their design and making tablets remain in a computing category of their own. Their inception was focused on setting a new trend to capture an already smartphone crazy world. When compared to smartphones , tablets are bigger and better. We shall now look at 10 things to consider while choosing a tablet.

1 Size

The tablet market demographics is divided in-between those who prefer large size and medium to small sizes. Each has its own efficiency in getting stuff done, when it comes to portability some tablets are too big to be carried around like a clutch while others are small enough to fit into trouser pockets etc. Look into the tablet size you’d like to have and ensure that you shop around for one that suits that purpose.

2 Storage capacity

Most tablets come with variable in storage ranging from 16GB-64GB. Many android and windows tablets have micro SD slots apart from Apple iPad. The only way to upgrade the iPad’s storage capacity is to buy a more recent version of it.

3 Battery life

The longer a tablet’s battery life the more efficient it is. Although this life recedes over time, a new tablet should be able to give you a period of service before the battery life starts reducing.

4 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi only

2G tablets are now outdated but some few folks still prefer them. 4G internet has replaced 3G and its inception has overshadowed 3G connection because it has faster speeds. Again some tablets offer Wi-Fi only, 2G, 3G and 4G connection with no Wi-Fi options while others offer both types of internet connections. It’s also important to note that you’ll easily find cheap 2G tablets as opposed to 4G tablets which are pricier.

5 Closed or open

Open source platforms such as androids allow more configurations in as far as apps and user interfaces is concerned. Closed platforms like Apple only allow their interfaces and apps to run on their devices.

6 Input & output options e.g. ports

Some tablets are very resourceful in consuming content as opposed to creating it while others are built to provide both functions. Android and windows tablets have both input and output options whereas Apple devices are built for consumption rather than content creation.

7 Price

Considering these 6 previous features we have looked at we now mention the need to check a tablet’s price versus the features it has.

8 Camera

If smartphones come equipped with good front and back cameras we don’t see a reason why much publicized gadget such as a tablet shouldn’t. IPads have been very notorious in missing out in action but we do hope that Apple will in time find a way to breach that gap.

A camera’s mega pixels should also be just right for whatever photography reasons you want to use it for.

9 Apps support

While choosing a tablet be sure to confirm how many apps are supported by its platform. Windows and android has limited apps in store whereas Apple boasts over 1000 apps available for its reads.

10 Device compatibility

Some tablets have compatibility issues and cannot be paired with other devices whereas others are easily compatible and can be paired with ease.

How to choose the perfect size, height and weight for your best tablet for college

3 things are of importance when it comes to choosing the perfect tablet.  Tablet weight, screen size and height are features that every tablet has but come varied and unique to each device. Each manufacturer mentions their preferred weight and height dimensions according to their device orientation. Always be sure to compare and contrast each dimension offered by your choice of manufacturers. Some tablets look good while handled on portrait mode while others have a design suited for landscape. If you like your tablet on portrait, then it automatically means that its height screen display should be greater than its width and vice versa for those who love landscape. Your major activity on a tablet is a another influential factor, landscape is also a good option for typing, video streaming and gaming whilst portrait is good for browsing and picture taking.

Thickness and weight are other factors.  It’s not necessary that a thick tablet should be heavy; weight is mostly generated from the materials used in its manufacture. 2 in 1’s are best preferred if they come with some extra thickness so as to give the user that laptop feeling. If your tablet doesn’t have a keyboard then its best preferred thin with less contours and edges. Thin tablets need to come flex free, do not purchase a tablet if the materials used to manufacture it are not resistant to flex. The active pressure on a tablet due to falling, bending and folding is what we call flex. Plastic is very poor with flex and that’s why most of Samsung devices are always on the news as being mediocre.

Although heavy tablets are more difficult to hold we must mention that weight is a matter of choice. If you like your tablet heavy then you can go for a brand with a heavy tablet in the market. It is never a mistake when a tablet comes with lots of weight; we take it that it was fully within the manufacturer’s control to create a heavy or light device.

How to clean your best tablet for college

Immediately you purchase a tablet and start using it, it is bound to come across many agents that may leave it dirty. Dust and greasy stains are the common dirt agents that we need to watch out for. Dust may clogg on the hardware and make its performance slow again grease makes handling the tablet very uncomfortable. Cleaning your tablet regularly is a vital affair; in this section we shall teach you how to clean your tablet properly.

These are the 4 layers that make up a tablet from the front to back, these layers will act as a guide for you to understand what exactly needs cleaning.

  • From the front
  1. Digitizer layer or digitizer
  2. LCD panel layer
  3. Tablet inwards
  4. Back housing/back cover
  • Back of the Tablet

Of importance is its screen which is usually made of 2 layers the digitizer and LCD panel. Cleaning the screen should be done with a keen eye to the materials that make up these layers since they are very sensitive to most cleansers.

  1. Use a liquid screen protector, clean cloth or microfiber cloth: apply a generous amount of the liquid screen protector on either cloths and gently wipe the screen. Let none of this liquid spill into its inward layer. While wiping tough sticky stains do it gently until the stain comes off and not scratching the stain out.
  2. If you hardly have time to clean with the above named cleanser, use a scotch tape: an adhesive tape or strip of scotch tape can help you clean your screen quickly.
  3. You can also use no.1 and 2 to clean the back of the tablet.

Next is the inward layer which is made up of the hardware and small chips. This layer is very sensitive and only a tablet specialist should access it. If it urgently needs cleaning we best advice that you take your tablet to the nearest smartphone/tablet specialist or the manufacturers outlets if you are lucky to have one nearby. Do not attempt any DIY cleaning routine in this area as you may accidentally detach a chip or sensitive piece of hardware. Once these area is interfered with it may call for costly repairs and in most cases should the repairer fail to revive the tablet, it will be rendered useless.

Some people prefer to carry their tablets in a housing while others don’t. If your tablet has a cover/housing, you should also clean it since dirt tends to easily penetrate the inner surfaces between the tablet’s back and its housing. Cleaning the cover should be easy, simply detach the tablet from it and ensure that you clean both items separately. Choose a solvent cleanser that works best with the material used that works best with the material used to make the cover. The common materials here would be leather and fabric. Clean generously and leave the cover to dry before returning the tablet.

Extend the cleaning to the typing pad if your tablet has one. Unlike a regular keyboard, a tablet’s typing pad has very thin keys and care should be taken while cleaning the areas in between these keys. Wipe the outer regions first with the microfiber cloth as you proceed to the inner regions in between.

8 ways to care for your best tablet for college

Once you have bought your tablet you need to take care of it to ensure its longevity. Here are some ways to care for it.

Do not place a tablet in moist or wet places: just like other computing gadgets, tablet hardware does not interact with moist or wet surfaces. Even its carrying bag or your palms and pockets where you’ll place it should be kept dry at all times.

Keep it away from too much heat or direct sunlight: the only heat wave that should penetrate your tablet is one coming from an electric current while charging. If you have to handle it outside, ensure that you are always positioned under a shade. If you’re indoors please avoid using it in places like the kitchen where you may accidentally place it next to a heating stove. Heat is dangerous and may cause some tablet components such as the battery to explode and cause severe accidents and losses.

Do not overuse its battery to 0%: this is a typical habit with most of us who use computer devices. We tend to exhaust the battery then resort to charging it after the device switches off and cannot power back. Draining a tablet’s battery till it switches off will only weaken the battery thus reducing its power retaining capacity.

Once fully charged do not let it keep staying on the charger: again, this is a habit most people have. Even after a battery is 100% charged they leave the devices connected to the charger. This habit will also end up draining your battery life.

Do not use your battery while charging: perhaps you are wondering why this space is so filled with battery issues, well, the second most important component in a tablet is its battery and its only wise that we mention the do’s and don’ts that affect it. The fact that your tablet battery is low means that it has already undergone enough work overload. While charging it, let its software and hardware revitalize by not using it or interrupting it.

Always use a tablet stylus on its compatible device: so many people think that they can cheat on a tablet stylus by using one meant for a particular tablet on a totally different one. Styluses are built to sense their respective tablet’s screen sensitivity. Using different styluses on your tablet will only slacken its touch response.

Always keep an active anti-virus: anything you do on a tablet may expose it to malware without your knowledge. An active anti-virus will detect any form of malware and block it or remove it before it harms the device.


College life can be fun but it’d be even more fun if you had a computing device like the tablet to act as you P.A and make life easier. Take your tablet to class and jot down notes with it or even better, let its internet resource act as your second library. It’s no lie, in college there’s just so much we can do with tablets, make use of this article and equip yourself with the world’s #1 trending device.

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