How to build Your Own Gaming PC for Under $600

How to build Your Own Gaming PC

Are you looking into some big budget gaming PC ads and you wish you had the $$$ to buy one?

And did you know you can build your own gaming PC for under $600?

Ok, so let’s face it, gaming computers are the new frenzy. The designs, screen size and resolution, high performance processors and top-notch graphics are some major reasons why everyone wants to own a gaming PC. Gaming enthusiasts have unique preferences when it comes to gaming platforms and from desktops to laptops each category has its own wow features.

The average price for a brand new gaming PC is $700 to $1000 however there are other high-end computers retailing at an average $2000 to $4000. These prices are very competitive and unstable. Once you factor in some contingency such as gaming computer apps and maintenance, you’ll need to broaden your budget to an extra $100 to $200. If you are operating on a stringent budget, all these money issues can be avoided. You can build your own gaming PC for under $600 and I am here to teach you how.

Items required to build you own Gaming PC

Let’s assume you are building the PC from scratch, there are many items you need to buy. I have prepared a list of these items, if you already have some, you can cross out what you have. Here is a quick run through of some major items, I will look into each item as we proceed.

  • Processor
  • A graphics card
  • A  motherboard
  • A  good MD tower case
  • Power supply
  • Solid state drive/ Hard drive
  • Memory/RAM
  • Monitor
  • Operating System (OS)
  • Optical drive/CD burner.

To build your own  gaming PC you will need all these staff in good state. You can choose to buy new ones or go for used options whichever the case, just ensure that they are in good condition and budget friendly.

MD Tower case

An MD tower case is what we popularly call Computer Cases. It will house most of the internal components of a computer such as RAM, processor, graphics card and hard drive. A good case lies between $30 and $80. Choose a case with a professional and elegant look. It must be stealthy and neat in appearance with a transparent window on the side that will allow you some clear view of the components inside. It must have some front and rare USB ports and the number should coincide with that of your motherboard. It also must have some drive and fan mounts and if you buy them pre-installed then the better.

Extra  features to look into are : good cable management and routing holes for a neat and presentable look.


For this budget build you need a motherboard that can handle your CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) better known as graphics card. A good motherboard that will handle the current processors is the Gigabyte GA-H110M-A. It is very cheap and you can get a good one at price under $60.


Intel Core i5 6th Generation processors are the best in the market for gaming as well as high performance. They are very common so it should be hard to get. Other processors are the Haswell processors, Skylake processors and Kabylake processors; all these are an option but not a fast enough option to support your gaming PC. Intel Core i5 6th Gen processors can be purchased at an average market price of $150 but the only limitation is that they require a good motherboard that has at least B250 chip-set.

Graphics card

For good gaming experience the graphics card handles it all. Current games are very graphic (in a good sense) and you need a GPU that delivers the game with no detail distortion. A good graphics card that will support current games is the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 3GB and it retails at $180.

Power supply

Looking at the motherboard, CPU and GPU you need a power supply that will support these systems.  A good Ps is one that delivers a maximum of 500 watts. This amount is enough to supply all the components in the PC with enough power. One of the best Ps for this job is EVGA 500W power supply available for only $33.

Solid state drive/Hard drive

Solid state drives and hard drives are perfect for downloading games. You need an SSD with at least 250 GB or HDD with at least 1TB (terabyte) since most current PC games eat a lot of space. You can get something with space worth your gaming PC with a budget of $30 allocated to SSD /HDD.


Modern game trends require that your PC has 6 GB RAM or more. To build your own gaming  PC, we advice that you go for 8 GB which is plenty of space and you will still have extra space left over for your general needs. A good choice for this is the Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 GB DDR4 which retails at $57. This single memory stick is very fast and operates with high frequencies. It also consumes less power compared to the previous DDR3 sticks.


Other than the computer itself where all the processing occurs, you need a good monitor with high screen resolution. FHD and HD screens in LED are the best plus if you appreciate the graphics but don’t want to suffer any effect from the intensities then a monitor with anti-glare is a fair choice. These monitors are available for as little as $50.

Optical drive/CD burner

For this under $600 gaming PC build, you really don’t need an expensive optical drive. Expect to spend at least $20 on it.

Operating System

The OS is everything if you expect to run the show with current games but again the choice you make will all depend on how comfortable you are with the OS. Windows 7 and 8 can be used but Windows 10 is the best,  and most recent. A good legit Microsoft version is available at $20.


If you want a good gaming PC for 2017 you need to keep in mind that these PC’s work with the best and current computing technology. With most gaming computers retailing at a high end price, your only way out is to build your own gaming  PC.  WE hope this guide answers most if not all your questions on gaming PC build.

But still if we left something out, let us know in the comments section below.

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