Do you really need a new laptop?

New versus old is often a bone of contention when it comes to gadgets such as laptops. While each category has its own user preferences it may be hard to know which to buy if you are not informed.

New laptops are a plenty and available in various distribution and vending outlets. They tend to be pricier than used laptops but in the long run they do have their advantages. If we seek to answer this question of whether you need a new laptop or not, we must then look at the various reasons to buy a new laptop the advantages weight they carry over an old used one.

5 reasons why a new laptop is ideal for you

  • You get to enjoy the first hand experience of unboxing it and using it straight from the manufacturer, distributor or retailer: when its new, there are obvious factors and features to show. You’ll get to use it without worry and should anything go wrong you can always go back to the seller with complaints.
  • New laptops are a top choice due to their virgin hardware and software: a new laptops comes with all its features and specifications intact and you’ll get to enjoy 100% user functionality.
  • New laptops often come with a user warranty: most laptop manufacturers want to protect their brand names. In so doing, they tend to distribute their products with warranties. These warrantied come with various conditions perhaps in form of free 3 year period repairs or 100% refund for the product if it gets messy within the first year of its purchase. These are just sample warranty conditions and they are all fashioned to gain their clients trust.
  • You get all the package accessories intact: laptop accessories are a must have to ensure that they function properly and consistently. If you buy a laptop without its necessary accessories you may have to undergo the tyranny of outsourcing each of them at a separate price.
  • Product security: at a time when stolen good are slowly infiltrating the mainstream markets you’ll need some form of product security that will show your proof of ownership. If you genuinely bought the laptop from a certified vendor/ distributor then you have the proper documents such as buyer receipts which go a long way to show and prove ownership.

We are not disputing the fact that sometimes an old laptop may be your salvation and solution to tech crisis, no, not so. Its one choice to buy a new laptop and its another to buy a used one. Each choice carries its own weight in as far as the advantages and disadvantages are concerned. Buying never felt so good if you are content that you are making the right choice and will end up receiving 100% value for your hard earned investment.

A new laptop is worth the investment, some people even use their lifetime savings just to buy some of those $6000 Macintoshes. We totally agree that with this sought of investment you must have a story to tell in as far as your buyer experience is concerned. Let us now look at the various advantages of buying a new laptop.

Advantages of buying a new laptop

  • Cost effective: in today’s economy, you need a cost effective solution to any sought of crisis or problem. Buy a new laptop and enjoy a lifespan of its service without having to regularly spend money at the repairs as most used laptop owners do.
  • Budget friendly: if you have been saving to buy a new $1000 laptop from a fixed price distributor then you are bound to get it at this same price or even better a discounted offer. The set price never goes up but remains constant. When it comes to used laptops, you can never be certain about its real price at some point some sellers take advantages of naïve customers and sell them used laptops at a higher price than its new counterpart.
  • New laptops function better than used ones: their functionality is always on point and their appearance is always attractive, no scratch, crack or anything in between which may cause a stir.
  • A new laptop comes in factory tested mode: as a new laptop owner, you can rest easy knowing that it has never been handled before by any other party other than its manufactures. In its factory tested mode, you can trust that what the manufacturer says about its functionality and user specs is true and proven. As for used laptops, well, you can never trust a person’s word if they have no warranty or proof which will help you determine its condition.
  • You’ll enjoy tokens, offers and gift vouchers given by the manufacturer or distributor: laptop manufacturers and distributor often have some buyer incentive schemes on certain models etc. These incentives often encourage impulse buying and a means to set a pace with competitor brands.
  • Guidance given by vendors/distributor at the point of purchase will help you make an informed choice: there being many laptops in the market which serve different purposes you’ll need guidance as a buyer over which make and model suits your computing needs. Most distribution outlets have the precise information given to them by manufacturers for the sake of guiding their customers during purchases.


A new laptop may be pricier than your average used laptops but if you look at its user benefits you are bound to enjoy so much more than what its price entailed. Do you really need a new laptop? Our verdict is, yes you do! Old is gold but in this case old may just be old and better left in the past.

If you do not have enough money you can try saving so as to buy your new laptop later or even better you can try your luck at any vendor who accepts hire purchase terms on new laptops. Buy a new laptop and enjoy its long term cost effective benefits.


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