Gaming laptop buying guide

Gaming laptop

From their inception, to date, a gaming laptop maintains some elaborate features that set them apart from other categories of laptops. The distinct hardware and elaborate video graphics sets them apart, additionally the physical design features deliver optimum user comfort while gaming.

The demand for gaming computers grew in the years that followed after the millennium and by 2012, custom built gaming PC’s had become a trend. The dawn of new age technological approaches used by PC and laptop manufacturers delivered a variety of fully assembled gadgets perfect for gaming and high performance needs. Gaming laptops are available in 3 price ranges: low price, mid-price and high price which leaves your choice totally dependent on your budget.

Gaming laptop buying guide

We are sure you are here, because you are interested in purchasing a gaming laptop. Buying guides are perfect when all you are after is to make a satisfactory decision before you proceed to purchasing a product. On this particular guide, we will look into features that any buyer should consider before buying. Many gaming laptop manufacturers base their creations on some specific features that give them a unique brand definition. You need to understand the specs for you to know what each manufacturer is offering and if it actually suits your gaming needs.

Let us now look at the top 10 factors to consider while buying a gaming laptop:

1. Budget

The budget is the top key factor to be considered while making any purchase and for gaming laptops, it may as well pass for a crucially important factor.  As we mentioned earlier, gaming laptops are available in 3 different price ranges. These price ranges are often dependent on the brand and any extra innovative feature that the manufacturer added for it to deliver top notch gaming experience. Branding and innovative specs may influence a laptop’s price but not exclusively since there are gaming laptops on the lower price range that are very superb and efficient vis a vis those on the higher end that are less efficient.Gaming laptop

2. Processor (CPU)

The most important thing to note is that most if not all gaming computers require very fast processing speeds. Current processors designed to handle various tasks with lighting speeds are most ideal. Computer games manufacturers are churning new games that require high processing speeds and this also sets the pace for gaming computers to level up with the current games. High performance processors like Intel-core i7-6700HQ are the best however slow processors can really ruin your gaming experience.

3. Graphics Card (GPU)

Graphic processors such as Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 can handle current games such as Battlefield 3, Max Payne 3 and Batman: Arkham city. These fantasy games are developed to fit into near realism with the application of 3D graphics for the best gaming experience.

4. RAM

Random Access Memory is part of any computer however the bigger it is on a gaming laptop the better. Our advice is that you buy a laptop with a minimum of 8GBs of RAM or even more.

5. Drives (SSD/HDD)

Given the choice between SSD (Solid state drives) and HDD (Hard disk drives) our best bet is that you go for the SSD. SSD’s are current and very efficient but the downside is that they are very pricier which leaves gamers with a choice of the fair priced HDD’s. SSD’s come with bigger space variations since with most current games you may find that 500GB’s isn’t much storage space. Budget cautious peeps can save on the extra cash with the HDD as they continuously expand the space. SSD’s also provide optimum speed boosts while loading and booting the games, these 2 features make the extra cost worth the taking.

6. Screen

For a while now, there has been some discrete contention between a laptop’s portability verses its screen size. Gaming enthusiasts agree that the bigger the screen size the better the gaming experience however, in as much as big screens(17 inch laptops) add on to the luxury, they also add on some extra weight making the laptop bulkier. Some gamers love a portable laptop and so they are willing to sacrifice on the screen size, but if you like your display fully fitting the screen then you may as well compromise on weight and go for the big screen instead.

7. Battery life

Features such as processors, screen size and long gaming hours leave the laptop very power hungry. It is more comforting if you get to have a gaming laptop with effective power saving features and long battery life.

8. General Design

Fancy a laptop with efficient hardware? Then the same should also apply for its general design and/build. Some materials used in the manufacture of computer cases and hardware are often very heavy and this ends up making the laptops general build bulkier. On a heartwarming note, various laptop manufacturers are easing into the idea of creating lightweight laptops by use of alternative materials which have proven to be effective. Other than weight, the laptops appearance should also be a captivating one, look into the color, keyboard, input and output ports and any extra design detail.

9. Laptop’s compatible accessories

We have read through many gaming laptop buying guides and we must admit that this is a point which is often ignored if not forgotten. This point may sound weak, but it is equally important and can be a life saver in the future. Having dealt with laptops for long, we noticed that most manufacturers package the laptops with the required accessories but sometimes, these accessories may fail to function or may break down at any point during the laptop’s life. What you need is a universal laptop brand that gives you a logical guarantee and they actually go out of their way to distribute the laptop’s accessories in is as many computer accessories stores worldwide. At any time when faced with a problem you can quickly run to the store and purchase the required accessory.

10. Extra innovative gaming laptop features

This term best describes any additional feature that really isn’t a basic need while gaming but it does go a long way to make the gaming experience livelier. A good example of an extra innovative feature is the touch screen. Touchscreens are an integrated feature in current laptop makes but did you know that they are one reason why the laptop’s battery drains very fast. As a gamer, you need a gadget that does not drain its battery on irrelevant features; you can work without the touchscreen and navigate with the keyboard or mouse.  Choose a gaming laptop with extra innovative features that are an add-on to its general build and efficiency.

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