Are you wondering how to find the best gifts for writers, freelancers and bloggers? I know it is quite a hard nut to crack, trying to figure what they would love considering their techy background.

So with recommendations from a group of freelancers and a series of researches, I have gathered a list of the Five Best Gifts for freelancers.

 1. Laptop backpacks as  gifts for Writers.

Freelance writers live on and through their mobile devices and laptop. A major dilemma is how they can carry every device with them everywhere they go, without looking like they are packed for a month’s travel.

A laptop backpack is then the perfect gift for writers. 97% of those we questioned recommended this. Freelancers work anywhere they find themselves and a laptop backpack is essential to convey their devices as they move, enabling them to access their work anywhere.

In fact this days there are freelancing writers who move from country to country making a leaving while traveling.  A water-resistant travel backpack will be one of the perfect gifts for them.  Other than devices they move around with this digital nomads carry clothes, drugs, drinking water and other essentials. When finding a backpack for them make sure it is big to carry all this stuff.  It should also have compartments for every special luggage.  You can find wonderful review for laptop backpacks here to help you make a quick decision.

2. Portable USB charger

The only thing far worse than having no internet access, is having a dead battery. Freelance writers need access to their laptops and other devices at all times. They work on the run and having no access to their devices can be bad for business.  This is the worst thing that can happen when you are about to deliver a project.

This makes a portable USB charger, the ultimate gift. It can be used to charge a handful of devices and some brands even charge more than one device simultaneously. It charges laptops, phones and other essential devices; it can also be easily taken anywhere.

You need to find one that perfectly fits their laptop backpack.   You can find plenty of them in online stores. It is always good to take time reading reviews to ensure that the charger pick will not let them down.  Keep in mind that this are gifts for writers who are on the move. They will not forget you when the charger you buy becomes their only bridge to closing a contract that becomes a game changer in their profession.

3. Bluetooth headphones

A Bluetooth headphone is one excellent gift any freelancer would love. Freelancers love good music; to some it stands as inspiration when working, while others listen to music to unwind. Freelancers also gets to make lots of call to clients and colleague in midst of their busy work schedule. Gifting a freelancer with a Bluetooth headphone is another ultimate idea. It enable the person receive calls anywhere without bothering to search for their phones.  All freelance workers hate distractions.  Bluetooth Headphones will minimize the distractions since you will not have to have the phone physically to make a call.  You can also make calls while writing.  Again just like other gifts for writers, you need to do a thorough research before buying.  We did a fraction of the research for you by identifying the gifts. If you settle on Headphones our editors have identified Philips SHB8750NC/27 Wireless Noise Canceling as the ultimate gift for a freelancer. If you get this headphone you would have found the ultimate gift for the freelancer.

This gift idea was recommended by 91% of our respondents.

4. Gaming Mouse

Best gifts for writersThis gift might seem all too technical, but it is absolutely one gift that any freelancer will love. A Gaming mouse is basically a more advanced computer mouse that is suited for computer gaming and complex programming. This gadget will increase the work time and ability of any freelancer. 85% of the freelancers we interviewed said they would love a gaming mouse as gift.

A study done by a modern website psychologies at Psychology Today established that gaming has a number of benefits to people`s cognitive development.  Top of which we thought will be necessary for writers is the improvements in attention and vigilance.

All freelance writers will you that these are a set cognitive skills they will do anything to achieve.  If you buy them a gaming mouse you have supported this course.  We reviewed and found out that Steel Series Rival 700   is the gaming mouse you need to buy as a gift.

5. A digital course subscription-One of the best gifts for Writers

best gift for freelancers

There is no better way to support a freelancer than a gift that keeps abreast with latest trends in the industry, sharpening their skills and learning new skill.

A digital course subscription makes a great gift as it would make the freelancer become better at what they do. . However, you should do some research to know the course that will be perfect for the individual before making the purchase. 82% of the freelancers we interacted with, recommended this. We went ahead and asked what course they will recommend for you. We collected the data and reviewed the most voted for. We found out that most freelancers will go an extra mile to learn digital marketing skills.  This is because of the nature of what they do for a living.   Seth Godin`s Freelancer course will be a perfect fit for any freelancer.   We recommend this as a gift for both newbies and experienced freelancers.   Every freelancer must keep learning to maintain relevancy.

These are the best 5 gifts any freelancer will relish. Those who made recommendations included coders, web & graphic designers, writers and others. Check out the listed gifts, choose one or two and surprise that person with something they will forever appreciate.

We may not have listed the best gifts for freelancers according to the interviewees. But it is possible we have left what you consider the best. You are free to us know I the comments section below.

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