How to Post on Instagram from PC-Be guided Through

How to Post on Instagram from PC

Instagram or IG is one popular social media app that lets users post photos and videos straight from their mobile gadgets. When it was still new and trending, people thought they could easily access it via a desktop computer as they do Facebook and other social media apps but unfortunately for them the photo and video upload feature on IG is disabled. Here in this article you will learn how to post on instagram from pc.

We tend to think that the reason why instagrm developers disabled the photo and video upload feature on pc is for them to run a popular stream as a mobile app. Keep in mind that other features such as tagging, liking, following, unfollowing or even opening a new IG account on a pc are very okay.

Most users find this feature limiting since photos and videos are their best items on almost any social media app and are best uploaded via the pc. A computer is ideal for such uploads since it allows them proper view of the resolution and also because desktop photo editors like Adode Photoshop are way better than the ones available on most mobile app stores.

For the love of perfection, most IG users resolved to capturing photos or video footage via their phones, transferring them to a pc for edits and back to the phone for uploads. This movement back and forth from the phone to the pc is rather tiring and sometimes you may be a victim of software or hardware malfunction which is a major drawback if the photo or video to be uploaded was on demand.

While some Instagram users suffered in silence, the more demanding and desperate lot sought out a more efficient and quicker way to upload video footage directly from the pc. Ideally we know that you are here with one question in mind, “Is there a known way to upload pics and videos to Instagram directly from your pc without a hustle?”

Understanding Instagram  from the developer’s angle

There is no better way to approach a situation than to reason it out from the mastermind’s view point. The mastermind in this case would be the brains behind the situation at hand. Instagram was developed at a time when there were plenty of accessible apps in the market such as Facebook, Twitter,  Badoo and Twoo, all these apps had their own following and were accessible on pcs and smart phones. So IG developers were faced with two possible challenges:

  1. One was how to penetrate the social stream with a unique app
  2. Branding themselves as the ideal app for the modern day smart phone user

The smart phone anticipation was a huge risk they took since they overlooked the fact that computers were easily accessible at that time. Instead of building an app for the current market they built an app for the future market that would see a huge population ditching the time spent on pcs in favor for tablets and smart phones.

Let’s take a look at the smart phone market 10 years ago, that is 2007 to date. In 2007 people were still cozying into the idea of owning smart phones. The market was luke warm since people needed a great deal of reason to own smart phones. So with these smart gadgets came their smart applications which made social media the trending topic and spot to be. All these reasons created a millennial breed that was hungry and ready for smart phones and tablets. We must say that this foresight is what IG developers used to their advantage. Today, IG has an average 90 million users worldwide making it one of the most trending and popular social app.

The developers knew that popular apps such as Facebook and twitter were all about status updates and discussions, a feature not fancied by every mind. On social media, we have to look at the 3 different types of users: there are the active users, averagely active users and the dormant users. Averagely active and dormant users may best describe those users who don’t have time to post or comment on discussions or those who have time for a quick deal like posting pics and videos and letting these items speak.

The features that stand out on Instagram are the photos and videos, although brief discussions do follow on the comment section. This made IG an ideal app that satisfies the needs of all 3 types of users. Ideally, the photos and videos are their point of interest and they had to use them as a unique point of contact so they made these features accessible for likes, tags and comments on both pc and smart phones but maintained restrictions on photo and video uploads to phones only. This restriction by IG has really boosted the smart phone market.

Currently, if you do not own a smart phone or tablet you cannot post pics or videos to instagram from other gadgets such as a pc. As a resolution to this problem, third party computer apps and websites which aid direct photo and video uploads from a pc to instagram have emerged. Instagram is well aware of these third party factions and as a result they have resolved to penalize them. Penalties or not what we need is something that will lessen the tyranny and limitation of posting to IG via mobile alone. The best of them are discussed below:

How to Post on Instagram from PC

5 Computer apps/websites that can be synced with IG to aid photo and video uploads

  1. How to Post on Instagram from PC using  Facebook

Post on instagram from pcFacebook operates as an app as well as a website. We all know that posting videos and pics on Facebook from a pc is as easy as abc. You can take advantage of this less tasking feature by linking both your Facebook and IG accounts. Once linked you can post pics and videos on Facebook and decide whether you want these posts to also feature on IG by selecting the post on instagram option that appears right before the post goes live. You can link Facebook with Instagram from whichever end you desire, both apps have a link accounts feature available on their settings panel.

2. How to Post on Instagram from PC Using Gramblr

How to Post on Instagram from PCThe first message you get once you visit Gramblr’s site is “phone/camera to your pc to instagram” a rather confusing message if you have no idea what Gramblr is about. For sanity’s sake, we’ll help clear the confusion that surrounds this third party website. Using Gramblr is quite easy:

  1. Sign up to Gramblr via its official site and download either the photo uploader version 1 or 2
  2. Next, sign in to IG via your desktop
  3. Choose the pic or video you want to upload and add any desired caption
  4. Hit the upload button
  5. A confirmation window should appear with some texts, if the text boxes are empty, please repeat the process a second time and it will be successful

3. How to Post on Instagram from PC Using Latergramm

How to Post on Instagram from PCLatergramm isn’t quite popular but you’d be surprised to know that it is one app that IG has actually relaxed its third party penalty claims. Developments on a proper rationale between Latergramm and IG are underway. Should these developments prove fruitful and they actually reach an agreement, it may become the first, accepted third party app that users can use to post pics and videos directly from their pcs.  This app is very effective for direct post schedules and management from the pc or phone.

Perhaps your wondering how a social media scheduler works and how will it aid in photo and video uploads? This app has the capacity to work as your dream personal assistant anytime, anywhere. Work from your pc by downloading your photo and video footage from external devices. Edit your pics and footage using whichever editor you desire and save the content on your desktop. Once you are done and set to post, you can log into instagram via Latergramm. This app then syncs the content and schedules it for direct posts on IG. The process is very organized and you need not worry about any resolution flaws and file format interruptions.

4. How to Post on Instagram from PC Using BlueStacks

How to Post on Instagram from PCBlueStacks is by far the most common app used by Instagram users on computers. This app allows users to run android apps on computers through emulation. The features are very effective in uploading pics and videos directly from your pc however most users have reported a series of error reports received from this app. The reason for this behavior is unknown but should the developers work on this issue, it will be a good deal since it supports various android apps on pc.

5. How to Post on Instagram from PC Using WeebGram

How to Post on Instagram from PCThis is another website on its development stage that claims to aid its users post their pics directly from their computers. The website is already live which means you can sign in and use the available features as the developers keep adding more. Here is a little detail on how it currently works:

  1. Sign in to your Instagram account via WeebGram
  2. Verify your account by confirming if it was you that signed into your IG account via WeebGram
  3. You can post an image by navigating to the posting panel. $1.99 donation to the developer gives you unlimited posting
  4. This last step allows you to edit your image before it goes live after posting
  5. Once you are done editing, click post and save image

Currently, this website does not support video uploads but the developer promises to make this feature available in the near future.


Third party apps and websites are perhaps our only means to getting successful photo and video uploads on Instagram via a desktop. We can’t shroud the fact that these apps and websites are software. While their developers work earnestly at maintaining them, we also need to play our part as users. Ensure that you keep all pc apps updated and if there are any new software versions available for websites please upgrade them immediately. App updates and software upgrades are relevant for the efficiency of the software’s service to users.

How to Post on Instagram from PC  guide in here should be able to help you solve the problem. But then it is not easy to exhaust all ways in which something can be done since technology mutates every hour. Feel free to let us know what you think.

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