Free Version of Kasperskey internet security Now Available

Kasperskey internet security

Kaspersky internet security Free is now available for download for free. This news comes after Kaspersky decided to release a more ready and available anti-malware for the public to download without chipping into their pockets.

Malware is one major cause for system dysfunction once it penetrates a computer and there is no ready anti-virus on the watch. For many years now Kaspersky internet security has wowed its customers with its efficiency in protecting their computers against Malware. It’s no doubt that with such a reputation, its fame is anticipated.

As a reward for their loyalty, Kaspersky internet security has unleashed a free downloadable anti-malware branded as “Kaspersky Free”. Last year, this anti-virus ran as a trial program in China, Russia and a number of European countries before it was finally availed to the public globally. UK and Ireland will have to wait until October. Kaspersky Free thrives with core anti-malware capabilities whilst the more advanced features will remain at the top level of its paid products.

Kaspersky internet security Free is designed to protect your PC against anti-viruses, give browser and email protection, anti-phishing and basic self-defense. Delightfully, this anti-virus is a very lightweight app and somewhat a diversion to the more premium products with little strain on system resources.

How does Kaspersky internet security Free antivirus work?

Kaspersky lab uses a unique and integrated second generation heuristic analysis technology which is powerful enough to detect unknown viruses and system malware. Kaspersky Free operates as a free application designed for the protection of your computer against unknown and malicious software. This anti-virus has the power to handle 6 types of computer threats. For its %efficiency, this free anti-virus handles each threat through a corresponding application. The 6 components designed to fight the 6 types of threats are:

  • Mail anti-virus: checks inbound or outbound e-mails for any malicious programs or viruses.
  • File anti-virus: gives protection to the pc’s file system.
  • Web anti-virus: controls your computer’s active website traffic by intercepting and blocking any harmful scripts which may pose a threat to it. This component works automatically.
  • IM anti-virus: provides security for users with instant messaging applications.
  • Anti phishing: constantly checks all web addresses to confirm if they are listed as phishing websites.
  • On screen keyboard: which prevents any suspicious interception by malefactors should the user enter any information using an average external keyboard.

How to download and use kasperskey internet security

The procedure of downloading and installing the Kaspersky Free antivirus is similar to the usual procedure applied when dealing with other application downloads. If you are conversant with IT then this process shouldn’t be taxing however, if you are not computer literate please perform this procedure with the help of an IT person. The 3 step procedure is as follows:

  1. If you have access to uninterrupted internet connection, download the Kaspersky Free anti-virus from a genuine provider or the Kaspersky lab website and install it on your computer.
  2. Run an update on all the anti-virus databases.
  3. Check your pc’s protection status after which we advice that you run a thorough scan for malware and any malicious programs.

At this point, your computer is protected. Keep checking your system for the application’s updates that’s if Kaspersky decides to churn out any. Always remember that this application will work best if it is up to date. Kaspersky Free can be upgraded to Kaspersky Internet Security at anytime should the user want to increase the computer’s security. Kaspersky Internet Security is a paid for anti-virus which includes a wider range of security components than its free counterpart.

How to check your pc’s protection status after downloading and installing Kaspersky Free

After downloading and installing Kaspersky internet security Free, the anti-virus will run 4 types of scans depending of the user’s desire. The scanning procedure is a process that needs time but if you’re not 100% sure of your pc’s security status, we advise that you spare some time and run all 4 scans. Let’s have a detailed look into each type of scan.

  1. Full scan

A full scan works on the entire system. The scan searches through these objects by default: all objects loaded on start up, system memory, hard drives, email databases, system backup, network drives and removable storage media.

2.  Quick scan

A quick scan, as the name suggests is a spontaneous security component which scans the hard drive boot sectors, system memory and start up objects.

3.  Selective scan

Scans any objects and devices of the users liking.

4.  External device scan

Scans any external devices connected to your pc.

How to update your anti-virus databases

Updating your anti-virus databases is a crucial step that should occur immediately after the user downloads and installs the Kaspersky Free anti-virus. We shall now show you how to update your anti-virus databases.

  1. Ensure that your pc has an uninterrupted internet connection.
  2. Right click the application’s icon found on the taskbar notification area that is the lower right corner of the window and select Run Update.
  3. Open the “database update” widow and wait till the update is complete.

This process can happen by default or you can decide to run the updates manually from time to time.

Kaspersky internet security lab 2018 future prospects

Kaspersky internet security is already set and ready for 2018 with its latest version dubbed “Kaspersky anti-virus 2018” in the market. This current application is designed to deal with tough system threats and for what it’s worth users will benefit from it for 12 months before its impending license renewal.

Kaspersky internet security Free anti-virus giveaway is a wise move that Kaspersky lab has ventured into. There are many anti-virus companies in the market but none can compete with what Kaspersky anti-virus has to offer. If users won’t have to stretch their budgets to get this free anti-virus then it’s worth the taking. Another reason why users should download Kaspersky internet security Free is due to the company’s reputation which is very impressive. You’ll get the best system security at no price at all!.

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