This news comes amidst a lot of rumored clamor in the tech world.  We all have been waiting for the release.  Microsoft  made the announcement in  New York. This Surface laptop will cost 999$ when it enters the market in June 2018. It features  4GB of RAM Intel Core i5 and 128GB storage.

The  surface laptop has all the features to rival Microsoft’s arch competitor Apple and its price suggests some direct competition with the MacBook Pro.  The laptop runs with the new Windows 10s OS which pundits say  may deliver a more advanced feeling of Windows 10 Pro.

The all new Surface Laptop

Okay, so looking at the Surface laptop whilst comparing it to Microsoft’s past ventures and competitor laptops, we have the pleasure of describing this laptop as an optimal blend of variants and high tech mechanics. Variants because of the many choice colors it comes in and plenty of user friendly features while the high tech mechanics describes both its hardware and software build which we rate at 10/10 unless you think otherwise.


Design I must say is the first thing to look into before  proceeding to the other features of a laptop. Design is what keeps most laptop manufactures on their toes and Microsoft has managed to mark their spot in the tech world with this laptop design.

The previously leaked images and those that Microsoft posted when unveiling the Surface Book are very similar.  The Surface laptop is very sleek, weighs 2.78 pounds with a 3.4 million resolution pixel on its 13.5” screen. Its wedge design draws some similarities to the MacBook Pro but again, its 14.47mm thick back and 9.9mm trim front give its general appearance some modest appeal. The Surface laptop is available in 4 color variants, Graphite, Cobalt blue, Platinum and Burgundy. The keyboard design draws some inspiration from Ferraris with its Alcantara covering (in precision, Alcantara material is often used in Ferrari build)

Windows 10s OS

If you consider the laptop theme and its supporting OS you’ll notice that Microsoft did have a particular target niche in mind while designing and building the Surface Book. Earlier on we touched on Windows 10s but it was on a lighter note intended to give you some idea. Here’s why windows 10s is very relevant.

Chromebooks did give their users some pocket friendly incentive yet again Microsoft thought of a better move to give the same demographics a resource incentive option at a cheaper price with Windows 10s. Target groups that will enjoy its use are the education based functions that are hungry for a performance oriented and lightweight OS. Education institutions and entities which use computers as a shared resource will love this OS for its quick login multi-user support systems and functional airtight security which is a must for resource sharing computers.

Windows 10s “Intune” is a cloud based device management system which eases the management task faced by most institutions especially colleges and universities.  What this OS offers is low cost computing with minimal maintenance however, it is not restricted to education functions and similar institutions, individuals can try it out and enjoy its usefulness.

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