Fathers are an important pillar in anyone’s life. The role they play is quite inspirational and for everyone who is lucky enough to have their dad by their side it’s only wise to show some appreciation. There are many occasions to gift your dad and make him feel special, loved and appreciated. It may be a random day or his birthday, father’s day or even Christmas whichever day you choose, make sure you pick a gift that not only touches his emotions but his senses too.  Tech gifts are a savvy option for the modern day dad and with today’s technological world there are plenty of tech items to choose from. In this article we have compiled a list of 5 tech gifts any dad will love. This list considers many factors such as convenience to buyers, buyers varying budgets and tastes.

1) Bose SoundLink Revolve+Bluetooth Speaker

best tech gifts for fathersDads, in as much as they are dads they are still men who still appreciate some quality time in their man caves. As we have grown to understand men we are well aware that any place that gives them some serene peace of mind can pass for a man cave. Any man cave won’t lack a set of good speakers for some wonderful soothing sound anytime. Your dad will surely love a good speaker upgrade in his solace space inside the house, settee or workplace. Bose SoundLink Revolve+Bluetooth Speaker are a good choice of speakers manufactured by Bose Sound (an international renowned manufacturer best known for producing excellent sound appliances)

As your dad relaxes, or spends some quality time with his buddies he will love the wonderful sound this speaker produces, no screeching, muddy or fuzzy music just smooth, immersive and consistent sound coverage. This speaker has a stylish design and for what it’s worth, it is also very portable. The speaker is waterproof and can deliver some 16hours of 360 degrees surround sound. It also features a multiple speaker connect Bose app and efficient Bluetooth connection that allows users to play audio from any device.


  • Speaker produces excellent sound
  • 360 degrees surround makes it great for indoor use
  • It is has a sleek and portable design


  • Only available in 2 color variants( black and silver)

2) Apple iPad-best tech gifts

Okay, so let’s face it, what’s a tech gifting list without an Apple gadget in the hoard? We are in synchronized agreement with the world that Apple is one tech appliance company that produces some of the best sassy gadgets. Apple’s gadgets come in three forms (best for him, best for her or unisex) one unisex item that caught our attention and is a good gift idea for dads is the new Apple iPad.  The tablet has a sleek design, is well priced and very powerful. It is available in 3 color variations and gives its users access to 1million+ apps.  Some captivating additional innovative features are its 2 storage variants available to users and the choice to pick a model with or without LTE connectivity.


  • iPad features high resolution retina display
  • Uses a superb and user friendly operating system
  • Has fast speed processor for both CPU and graphics
  • Users enjoy longer battery life which varies between 9 to 10 hours


  • Apple’s yearly trend of replacing their gadgets with advanced versions will soon make this iPad’s relevance obsolete

3) Emporio Armani Renato Hybrid Smartwatch

Fashion meets technology with this Emporio Armani Renato Hybrid Smartwatch. We have heard and seen various smartwatches in the game but should we compare them to this Emporio baby no smartwatch manufacture has managed to produce a unique tech watch that has all its qualities guised in a simple and classic fashionable look. The smartwatch offers quick connectivity to your smartphone anytime anywhere through a sleek app. Once connected to the phone, the watch auto adjusts its time to sync with that of your phone and time zone so you don’t have to worry about the confusing time differences that often occurs with watches and phones. For dad, this smartwatch will not only help him keep time but it will also track his activities and send him discrete notifications in an organized manner. Another remarkable feature is its 6 months battery life. This good smartwatch well under the $300 mark also comes in multiple color variants and strap styles.


  • Very stylish and sleek design
  • Multiple color and strap variants give users a range of choices
  • Very efficient battery
  • Features modern innovative technology
  • Delivers time accuracy and reliability


  • Discrete tech features and its overly fashionable look may be nerve wrecking for users who prefer visible hands-on tech features

4) Bluesmart One Suitcase

best tech giftsTraveling dads can now travel in style with this sleek carry-on Bluesmart One Suitcase. Its smart features include: TSA compliant 10,000 mAh battery  that allows users to recharge their gadgets at anytime, anywhere, dedicated cabinet for your favorite gadgets, built in scale, location tracker and GPS+3G network utility. The suitcase price is $291, a couple of $ under the 300 mark, this makes it a fair deal since it is a smart suitcase furthermore there are very pricey suitcases that are very basic with no tech gist.


  • Delivers travel smart options for today’s modern man
  • Stylish and discrete tech design
  • Software and apps are android and iOS compliant
  • Battery is an efficient recharge option for other gadgets
  • 4 wheels deliver seamless and stress free movement


  • The built in battery may attract some unnecessary airport security attention

5) Fitbit Alta HR-best tech gifts for men

Fitbit fitness tracker is a good fitness tracker and a perfect tech gifts for anyone especially dads that are into workouts and fitness. The design and best part of its features look a lot like the regular Alta however its unique features are an OLED touchscreen, swappable wristband and continuous heart rate tracking.  This fitness tracker delivers fitness on the go with smartphone notifications, health data and sleep pattern tracking. Make your dad’s fitness experience a fun and motivational one with this affordable gift option at only $130.


  • Efficient and concise activity tracking
  • Wonderful battery life
  • The fitting grip design is perfect when worn during vigorous activity


  • Users are cautioned not to swim or shower with it, the waterproof feature only protects it from water/liquid splashes


Gift ideas for dads are a plenty, diamond cufflinks and designer perfumes are a common pick but if you’re hoping to choose something unique and sentimental then tech gifts are ideal. Look into your dad’s daily routine and pick a gadget from our top 5 list that will ease his work load or make his lifestyle more fun and enviable to his peers.

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