Things To Consider When Adding Audio To Video Files With Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a software program that gained so much popularity in the past few months. This is because of the impressive quality offered at a fraction of the price we often see with similar editors.

The program offers access to numerous interesting features. One of those that most people will use in most projects is adding audio to video files. Sometimes you just want to change the audio of your files by adding some music or just removing a part of the video you do not want to have included. No matter the case, everything is quite simple with Movavi Video editor, as you can see from the tutorial here:

Facts Of Interest About The Audio Feature

Speaking strictly about the audio addition part of the software, it is worth saying that you do not need much editing knowledge to do exactly what you have in mind. Everything is basically done with a few clicks of your mouse. The interface is so intuitive that you can simply drag and drop the audio files at the exact location where you want them. Then, through the in-built level modification features you can choose the audio level at which the added file is heard at. This can be pretty useful in various situations, especially when you want the audio from the video file to also be audible.

Movavi Video Editor supports all the really popular audio file formats you might want to use, ranging from the popular WAV and MP3 to something more obscure as audio encoded in OGG. Without going too much in the subject, you can even use the software to convert an audio file into another format.

Besides the audio editing and cutting feature, the video editing features available are where the software truly shines. The easiness of use we see with the audio element is seen in the video editing part of the program.

If you are interested in using this software, you can always download the trial version. Use it to test the audio feature and all the others present to see if this is what you want to use in the future.


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