What is YouTube?

YouTube is an American video streaming and sharing website currently owned by Google. It was started in February, 2005 by 3 colleagues who were also former employees of PayPal. The 3 colleagues: Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley later sold their franchise to Google at $1.65 billion in November 2006. The website now operates as a Google subsidiary and is headquartered in San Bruno, California.

In February 2017 YouTube recorded an estimated 400 hours of uploads every minute with more than 1billion hours of content streamed or shared every day.  In April of the same year YouTube.com ranked second in the Alexis Internet most popular site listings. Just so you know, Alexis Internet is a company that deals in web traffic analysis.

How it works?

We all must agree that YouTube mechanics have really evolved. The active evolution is a determinant way of making the community a better place for everyone. Many changes to this site occurred immediately after it was sold to Google in 2006. Viewing the videos is absolutely free to everyone however for you to upload, download, save, comment, like, dislike, share and flag a video or even subscribe to a YouTube channel you must have a Google account.

Videos can be downloaded from the site however the process is rather taxing and most users opt for YouTube downloader software instead. We tend to think that the reason why YouTube makes video downloads out of its site a hefty procedure is to have users stream the videos directly from it. The best option that YouTube gives its users is an offline panel where videos can be saved for future viewing. Many videos with copyright claims especially those from musicians and specific TV channels cannot be saved.

Apart from the website, the YouTube app is also available on Google play. This app is one handy tool that allows Smartphone users to easily access the site.

 How to upload YouTube videos

This platform only accepts videos in Adobe Flash Video Format (flv). Videos in Windows media video, Moving Pictures Expert Group, Quicktime and Audio Visual Interleave can be uploaded but YouTube will first convert videos in either of these formats into flv. The time taken while uploading a video to YouTube is called processing time. Processing time may vary between a couple of minutes or hours and it all depends on the size and format of the video to be uploaded. Uploading videos to YouTube is very easy and all you have to do is follow this detailed procedure:

  1. Create an account by going to YouTube.com and it is easier with a Gmail account since YouTube is a Google subsidiary. If you have a Google account, all the snippets available with this feature such as Google drive, Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Google maps and hangouts are immediately linked together.
  2. To upload a video, click on the top left part of the page with the upload icon.
  3. Before you start the upload, go to the video privacy setting and customize them to your liking.
  4. Select the video you would like to upload from your device. Here you can create a slideshow, import videos from Google drive or Google photos.
  5. As the video uploads, you can edit its advanced settings and basic information. You can also choose to send notifications to all your subscribers.
  6. Finally, you need to click “publish” to finish up with public uploads. If the videos settings are unlisted or private, you’ll just click done to finalize with the upload then click “share” to share it privately.


Rules that apply for video uploads

All YouTube users who wish to upload videos to this site have a number of rules that they need to adhere to. Some of these rules are:

  1. Every YouTube user can upload videos with a duration of 15 minutes maximum
  2. Users with a good track record of adhering to the sites guideless can be allowed maximum video uploads of 12 hours in length. These users have to go through a series of phone verification procedures.
  3. The site accepts videos uploaded in the various container formats i.e MP4, AVI, FLV, Quicktime, MPEG-PS, 3GP and WebM.
  4. Maximum weight limit for all videos is 128GB
  5. YouTube supports 3D videos and 360 degrees videos

Countries where The service was/is temporarily/permanently blocked

Although YouTube maintains its services across the global reach, some countries have been denied access to these services/ are currently in the blocked list or have voluntarily banned the sites access. The website retains some logic reasons behind these decisions. Some cases that may cause YouTube to deny its services to a country are:

  • Any video content that may lead to a country’s social or political unrest
  • Videos containing criticism against a government, religion, ruler and religious leaders
  • Anything that violates a country’s national laws. The laws may include those put up against copyright and intellectual property, ethics and hate speech and national security
  • Any videos with content deemed as inapt to the youth e.g pornography and indiscriminate murder footage
  • Anything that may cause chaotic distractions at social public facilities such as schools

The immediate move taken by YouTube once it notices any of the above is to temporarily ban a country nonetheless, the site has had to take drastic measures of permanently blocking their access in others. Below is list of countries where YouTube has been or is temporarily/permanently blocked:

  1. Iran
  2. Thailand
  3. China
  4. Australia
  5. Russia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sudan
  6. Libya
  7. Morocco
  8. Turkmenistan
  9. Pakistan
  10. Turkey
  11. Libya and Egypt

Top 5 mistakes any user should avoid

  •  All videos are ranked with the merit on views however YouTube strongly discourages its community from buying or selling views
  • Do not upload any video footage that has copyright claims or legal restrictions
  • Any extreme pornographic material will earn users immediate to permanent suspension
  • Any video footage with defamatory or abusive language is contestable by law should the defamed/abused party seek legal action
  • Videos which encourage criminal conduct are forbidden from the site


YouTube is one site that has really benefited many sectors in the world. In truth, it has led to the social, economic and cultural growth of various realms within the globe. Regardless of the few users who choose to misuse this platform by uploading irrelevant and distractive videos we must commend the entire community for a job well done.

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